First SSX Deadly Descents Screenshots

EA released the first screenshots of SSX Deadly Descents.

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ArtsyGamer2924d ago

How do these "Screenshot" posts get approved?

SuperStrokey11232924d ago

Agreed, these are not screenshots.

sp1deynut2924d ago

...the ones from sh*tty foreign sites. There are dozens of posts like this submitted from this same crappy site every week. Their "screenshots" are always tiny, and in that retarded slideshow format, so you can't enlarge them.

Apotheosize2924d ago

Looks like SSX Black Ops or something, why does everything have to be mature themed now

Kurisu2924d ago

I've bee looking forward to a new SSX game for so long now, but THIS is not what I wanted. Bring back EA Sports BIG, they know how to make a good, fun, OTT Snowboarding game!

Motion2924d ago

I still think the best snowoboarding games, aside from coolboarders, were the Amped series. Until Amped 3 that is...they somehow completely screwed that one up.

dirthurts2924d ago

These are not screen shots. They are prerendered.

DragonKnight2924d ago

That's not SSX. This is SSX, and it's what we all want, just updated in graphics and maps.

Acquiescence2924d ago

That's the SSX we all know and love. Damn, such fond memories of Tricky. It was like Jet Set Radio, the Snowboarding version. And without the psychopathic cops hot on your tail.

divideby02924d ago

agreeed.... bring back ..... shake what ya mamma gave ya with improved graphics and maps....

Fadetoblack692924d ago

Definitely! The SSX games never got dull! The intro trailer I saw for this one doesn't give me a lot of hope in this new game >.<

CaptainMarvelQ82924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

of course you will be hunting the man who was in charge of your team and sent them to their demise where they had to skate TO THEIR DEATH in the Valley of the uuhh-Skating

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