Former Sony Exec: A Foreigner Never Should've Run Sony

Howard Stringer is the bossman at Sony, running the show. He's not Japanese, but a Welsh-born American. And according to one former Sony exec, a foreigner never should have run the company.

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hay2921d ago

It's not racist. It's Yamato.

rjdofu2920d ago

Agree, don't think nationality or race has anything to do with gaming.

deadreckoning6662920d ago

Actually, it does. Certain games appeal to different audiences and cultures...and thats something to note when you want to market a videogame. The MonsterHunter series sells buttloads in Japan...not so much in America. So it would be wise to concentrate on marketing in Japan.

Chris3992920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

It's Xenophobia, yes.

However, how do you think Americans' would feel if a Punjabi or Hindu took over Ford? Or a Chinese-American stepped up to run Chrysler?

Look a the massive shit-storm and PR nightmare that went down when people suspected that Obama was a Muslim.

I'm multi-ethnic and consider myself pretty open minded and liberal (gay brother, don't racially identify myself), but I'm still aware that people have their prejudices.

Edit: rjdofu, this isn't about gaming, it's about running Sony.

Oh, and I think Howard did a bang up job, btw. Steered the company through a recession and really cut the fat and mixed up the old guard. I was just trying to offer insight on the original story with the above. I don't agree with any of it, personally.

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hoops2920d ago

Here's the kicker...
China practically owns the United States with the massive debt they owe them.
So ask Americans how they feel about that LOL

gamingdroid2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

"Look a the massive shit-storm and PR nightmare that went down when people suspected that Obama was a Muslim."

That has more to do with fear of terrorism that happens to be linked with select Muslims.

If there is one country in the world as open to foreign ownership, it is the US. Ask the Chinese if they would let you own a piece of their corporations? Ask the companies that have invested into China and see what happened to them?

Let me just summarize it for you, they are all citing lack of control, return on investment is poor, unfair competition and they are making plans to pull out! That is because the Chinese government puts their stinking hands in everything.

By the way, I'm part Chinese so no racism intended here!

If you look at foreign leadership (read non-caucausian), US probably leads the pack other than countries where the majority of the population isn't Caucasian.

This to me is just the mindset of the Japanese... do everything to support your own country. We should do that in the US and the economy wouldn't have been so sh!tty here.

RedRedSuitSDF2920d ago

Why do you think Xbox sales suck in Japan? It's because they don't like or want American products. Everywhere in the world is either racist, or against whatever Nation they don't live in. USA is the only place that tries to be politically correct. And tries to make everyone happy.

Everywhere else though, they keep it real, and tell you how they feel.

gamingdroid2920d ago

Yup, and I call it stupidity by our leaders!

Oh, when will our corrupt government stop... alright I'm going to stop ranting go back to doing nothing about it and play some video games or something this evening.

coldfoot2920d ago

Xbox also sucks in France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, Denmark, Belgium, etc...why don't they want American products? Maybe because the product isn't better than the competition?

Kingmitch232920d ago

300 million people in the states (roughly)

I would say at least 100 million would disagree with your statement and be either protectionist, isolationist, or racist.

America accepts the products of other nations because their Cheaper. If you gave an American the option between a foreign or domestic product and they were the same price they would pick domestic.

And the politically correct bullshit can be seen in other nations (Canada,U.K.,New Zealand,Germany)

that being said Japan (I lived their) is friendly in personal relationships to foreigners but in terms of systematic treatment (business/government) they do like to pick Japanese.

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xavier-tooth2921d ago

howard's doing a great job. sony is now functioning as one.

UP2921d ago

I like who is running sony they got their shit together and they have killer games.

koehler832921d ago

I'm really tired of Japanese xenophobia. It doesn't even qualify as xenophobia anymore. It's unequivocal racism. It cannot be tolerated any longer.


As long as they keep making high quality anime catgirl tentacle rape simulators then I'll let it slide.

specialguest2920d ago

Sony isn't just dealing with Japan when it comes to doing business, it's doing business with the world. Therefore, the ideal person who runs Sony doesn't necessarily have to be Japanese to run the show. This is the world we're talking about here...the world!

ngecenk2920d ago

yeah because last time i checked, Ford ran by a Chinese guy lol

deep inside, our civilization still stand under the racism feeling. like it or not, you would prefere to work with someone with the same race than other race. its an ugly truth but we're dealing with it right now.

beside, i think its just a matter of work culture and taste that concern this guy on the article. it got nothing to do with racism.

Elven62920d ago

William Ford, the great grandson of Henry Ford is running Ford now. He is also one of the key figures (along with CEO Alan Mulally) that turned Ford around and put them on track to once again becoming a respectable brand on the world stage and one that was better prepared for the recent melt down than other car companies.

For Ford specifically, they too have had "foreign" CEO's in the past as well.

It's the best man (or woman) for the job, nationality shouldn't matter and I highly doubt the worlds most successful companies choose new CEO's, presidents, directors, etc solely on skin color.

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