Manhunt 2 Damages Long-term Rep of Industry, says Braben

It's "not the sort of game" the industry should be making says Frontier Developments boss David Braben.

"I think at the root of this problem is that there's still an expectation among parents that ESRB/PEGI/BBFC ratings can be ignored - possibly based on their experience of games when they were younger," he told CVG.

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thorstein4118d ago

I have been playing games since the mid 70's. I am 35. I GET TO DECIDE WHAT I want to play. Games are not just for kids. I thought anime taught us that cartoons aren't just for kids, it goes for games too, so, David "No Balls" Braben, F*CK YOU!

MyNutsYourChin4117d ago

Your comment just confirms your ignorance and selfishness toward understanding the bigger picture. You've been playing since blah blah blah and now you're blah blah blah and yet you still act like a whiny 2 year old. Yea, games haven't made you remain a moron. Note the sarcasm.

MK_Red4118d ago

Even if devs don't make Manhunt 2 and other extreme games, stupid attention seekers and evil polititians will find a game to attack. Media loves bashing games and everyone is using games for their own benefits and fooling the parents.

Maldread4118d ago

Agree completely, it seem games have taken over the blame which was placed at the movies before.

MK_Red4118d ago

Superb point about movies. The media seems tired of bashing the movies, leaving torture porn movies like Hostel 2 and Saw 3 and instead playing with the new tabloid: Video Games.

Maldread4118d ago

Yeah i know. To bad most people dosn`t know all that much about games and just falls for any Jack Thompson guy who say it`s bad for their kids.

WilliamRLBaker4118d ago

its tottally the type of game the industry should be making, this is an industry thats made up of 40% of adults, rated r and nc 17 movies are made, games should be allowed the same range of adult theems as movies.

Its the parents fault and nothing but that adult themed games get into the hands of kids.

MK_Red4118d ago

I'm all for more M and AO rated games.
If only console makers allowed AO games on their consoles and the shops and chains didn't treat them like illegal drugs...

TheMART4118d ago

Bullsh!t it is.

So they shouldn't make this type of games?

Uhm... what's next. They shouldn't also make any horror/thriller movies?

What's next... Total censorship! Shut the fack up.

PlayStation3604118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

I'll tell you what comes next, possibly our FPS (they might think it's "simulation killing"), our RPG's (living a fantasy life in a game is "hazardous"), or some other stupid fascist excuse to censor our games. "Bullsh!t", totally agree bro. Times like these, forget console wars. If this keeps up, there will be no good games/consoles to wage war with. :( Game on my gaming brothers.

riksweeney4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

Oi, Braben!

Stop whining about what everyone else is doing and give us a true sequel to Elite!

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The story is too old to be commented.