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Submitted by kdogdaddy 1888d ago | news

Prototype 2 Announced by Activision

Activision has released a press release this morning officially announcing and releasing information regarding Prototype 2, sequel to the best selling open-world game of 2009. (Activision, Dev, Industry, PC, Prototype, Prototype 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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kdogdaddy  +   1888d ago
Meh, the original wasnt the best, but let's wait and see what they do with the sequel.
antz1104  +   1888d ago
Uh.....didn't they announce it with a premiere trailer at the VGA's?
velocitygamer  +   1887d ago
Dead_Pixel   1887d ago | Spam
kdogdaddy  +   1887d ago
This is actually in regards to an Activision Press Release from this morning.
RoboRyan  +   1887d ago
Knowing that would involve clicking on the link and reading the article, as opposed to seeing the title and blindly commenting to show off that you, like everyone else on here, know what happened at the VGAs. Clearly, that's a ridiculous scenario.
Losi  +   1888d ago
The first one was lackluster at best...
trainsinrdr  +   1888d ago
does that say activision ... this game is gonna be shit! ... now what game is it
ExitToExisT  +   1888d ago
change the graphic engine that should be the number 1 priorty
CobraKai  +   1888d ago
i remember picking infamous over the first game. from the sounds of it, I made the right choice.
Hellsvacancy  +   1888d ago
Meh, the last game was poop, it twas the worst game ive played this gen next to Resident Evil 5
palaeomerus  +   1887d ago
How do you say two extremely stupid things with only one post?
user858621  +   1888d ago
I wonder if this game will also be 1 huge clusterf*ck
kdogdaddy  +   1888d ago
When little innovation and investment is put into a title, even a slight profit margin shows $$$ in Activision's mind and gets development service and support.

It's unfortunate, but the nature of Activision and the infamous Bobby Kotick.
Arup02  +   1887d ago
Let's hope they will improve, cuz the first one wasn't bad, but wasn't good too.
Sticky__Rice  +   1887d ago
Acquiescence  +   1887d ago
Ooh, an Activision game!
Yeah, not buyin'.
Artsrevenge   1887d ago | Spam
djfullshred  +   1887d ago
No thanks Activision. Tired of halfbaked games like these.
GlobalSoldier  +   1887d ago
How the hell got this approved?
Cajun Chicken  +   1887d ago
This is still there still a chance to play as Alex Mercer?
undercovrr  +   1887d ago
Reading all your comments, I dont really think most of you have actually played the game, yet you make comments saying it was bad. Granted, the game was not worth buying (i rented it), nor did it live up to the hype, but It was REALLY fun to play as Alex Mercer, because you actually felt like you could do anything. You guys just seem to be hating on this game because it was is an Activision title..what kind of gamers do that?
djfullshred  +   1887d ago
I played the game. Some observations:

* Didn't enjoy Alex Mercer character. Never got a sense of a real fleshed out character - just an avatar with powers (And he is a dickhead in general. What's with the punching people by default when walking?)
* The open world was bland. The same few models cloned over & over again. There was only one pattern of mindless AI behavior (specifically set up so they would run in front of tanks & fighting, & die en masse). No clever polished details like in GTA games.
* The controls were sloppy. The racing minigame proved that with a slight twitch would send you flying off a rooftop.
* The fighting missions were the same over & over again, just with more waves. Same pattern repeated - enemy bull rushes you & knocks you down.
* All these different powers, but for what? The few that worked best is what I end up using for every mission. Good games exploit these features by creating diff levels for them, forcing gameplay variety.
* You could absorb people & look like them. But it is wasted in this game, and not exploited in good level design, just like the different powers. After a while, this only method of regenerating health becomes a tiresome PITA.
* The story is told in flashbacks through absorbing targets, and a cutscene after each game mission. It's like they went out of their way to make the story hard to follow, and thus less interesting.

But ultimately it comes down to game play for me. I thought the game play was sloppy & repetetive. Take away the blood & guts that appeals to some gamers, take away a big (but bland) open world environment, then this is just a very clumsy executed melee game with some flashy powers for people who get a hardon by blood & guts.
Hellbound1978  +   1887d ago
I love the original but, they seriously need to bring the graphics up to this gen. Part one looked like a really nice PS2 game at certain points.
palaeomerus  +   1887d ago
Meh. So did inFamous though.
RoboRyan  +   1887d ago
I like how the press release throws in that you can download Prototype for $29.99. I understand it's a sensible PR move to make people aware of it, but why would I spend $30 downloading a game I can get a physical copy of for half the price on Amazon and not take up space on my console?

Haven't played Prototype. I had considered it after hearing it was similar to Infamous (which I LOVE), but based on some of these comments I think I'll stay away.
palaeomerus  +   1887d ago
Online versions of older games are typically way over priced compared to physical versions. I guess the publishers have problems separating their own wishes and reality.
Memo-Xen x3100  +   1887d ago
The comments in this story make me feel like a trendsetter. I haven't been buying Activision for years now.
DarkFantasy  +   1887d ago
this is cool,wooow so many game news coming out...first prototype 2 and hell tomorrow we got information on Half life 2 episode 3!!!!!!!!!!! on gamer informer.hell yeah!!
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