2010: Top 10 Best Graphics

NowGamer: Which games had the best graphics in 2010? That's the question we're going to answer right here, right now...

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anthraxCZ2922d ago

imo there should be alan wake instead of kane and lynch, otherwise i would agree with nominees, not with the final order list

Feckles2922d ago

Alan Wake – just for the opening when you're on the ferry. Gorgeous.

Acquiescence2921d ago

Alan Wake looked pretty weak during the daytime sections. They exposed a lot of its graphical shortcomings.

At night however, Alan Wake often looked the business.

The game that is. Not the man.

HolyOrangeCows2921d ago

Kane and Lynch definitely should NOOOOOT be on the list, but I wouldn't replace it with Alan Wake.

I_find_it_funny2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

08 MGS4
09 U2
10 GOW3


11 U3

Traveler2921d ago

The game that automatically pops into my mind in terms of graphical splendor in 2010 is God of War 3. It's such an amazing-looking game.

I also agree that Alan Wake deserves a spot on the list. It was the best looking game I played on my 360 this year.

EeJLP-2921d ago

Why does Super Meat Boy [Xbox 360] have a picture of God of War III?

Why is Red Dead Redemption's picture in Final Fantasy XIII?

Why is Enslaved's picture in Limbo?

Active Reload2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Holyorangecows, your opinion became suspect when you said AW shouldn't replace Kane and Lynch. Probably any game could replace Kane and Lynch in graphics, lol. Makes me wonder if you played either one.

Edit: And Mero 2033 should be on this list, replacing something.

InTheKnow2921d ago

I agree with the general feeling here, regardless of the phantom disagrees.

AW had some incredible graphics and set pieces...

I also thought Metro 2033 had some great moments...yep, it looked that good and was great for a good scare...

Splinter Cell Conviction also looked great for what it was...the best take downs...Krav Maga never looked so good...all footage from free demo...

Slo-mo take downs...look at the incredible detailed take downs...the best anywhere!!!

Halo Reach look incredible as well...seems like yesterday...wait a minute, it Just look at how big this section is, all the AI in the air and on the ground...remember, this is 4 player co-op...Bungie really outdid themselves...

Black-ops on line ( on 360 anyway ) really looked great and plays great as well...almost 14 million views for this sneak peak...WoW!!!

Since I'm a huge fan of Gears...I have to include the multi-player sneak peak of Gears 3...

fullmetal2972921d ago

They including 1010 games and MGS4 & U2 are 09'

nickjkl2920d ago

i dot get it this article is weird its like

gow section

"If you ever wondered if the PS3 would ever better the sumptuous visuals of Uncharted 2, then five minutes into God Of War III' would have answered that question with a resounding 'yes'"

uncharted 2 voted best graphics on consoles

then you go ahead and put red dead redemption final fantasy 13 and mass effect ahead of it

Kleptic2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

^^ a 'journalist' contradicting himself on a top 10 list?...get used to it dude...

I totally agree though...God of War III will easily walk away with the visual title for 2010 overall...there is no real debate with that...When you take in overall fidelity and polish, its unmatched...just as uncharted 2 was last year...

I agree though that AW should be on the list...all the sub HD stuff aside, the game still had great lighting and excellent art direction...its not a top contender or anything, but easily surpassed some other titles on the list...

and i'm sorry, but ME2 as number 1? no...its easily the best looking UE3 game...but thats it...the same lame bloom and lighting artifacts that have plagued every UE3 game are still present...and while the engine has come a long way, its dated sprite-like effects are noticeable...its definitely a goty nominee, and deserves a spot on this list...but not above some other titles visually...the fact that the writer shoots his own foot in the descriptions easily illustrates that...

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TheBossMan2921d ago

1. God of War
2. GT5
3. Heavy Rain
4. Mass Effect 2
5. RDR

I'm going to stop there.

CobraKai2921d ago

It says for 2010. Uncharted 2 was 09.

@ TheBossMan
I prefer your list over the author's

samuraiX2921d ago

Mass Effect 2 best graphics?


poopoojames2921d ago

I'd say it is if you played it on PC. Puts God of War to shame.

Traveler2921d ago

Even on the 360 it is a pretty nice looking game. Only the aliasing held it back a little bit.

justinb12921d ago

thanks for the laugh poopoojames

ThanatosDMC2921d ago

On PC, it looks really good.

drosera12921d ago

I am tired of PC guys saying Mass Effect 2 was SO much better on PC. No it wasn't, go Google Digital Foundry's analysis between PC and Xbox 360, they found that they are remarkably similar.

JCDenton2920d ago

You go "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...&quo t; on this?

samuraiX2920d ago


Mass effect 2 character looks awesome, but the environment texture are not that good and it has Terrible texture LOD scaling

i played it on PC.

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xtremeimport2921d ago

InTheKnow, I get a feeling you love shooters and love the xbox 360

Biggest2920d ago

InTheKnow is the resurrected cez_of_rage. I firmly believe that he is a PR guy for Microsoft. Each of his posts are in the same "Look at our awesome offerings" format with all of the same points being made. It's kinda boring now.

gameraxis2920d ago


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theonlylolking2922d ago

Yup, why the crap is RDR on that list and lynch?

Shaman2921d ago

WTF???Why is RDR on the list?You are joking right?I mean,GOW III deserves top spot but right behind it there should be RDR,its marvel.

theonlylolking2921d ago

RDR looks horrible. Sure the lighting looks great but everything else looks bad.

Traveler2921d ago

RDR on the 360 did look great. I didnt play the PS3 version so I don't know how that looked, but the 360 version definitely had some impressive visuals.

kancerkid2921d ago

If you ware saying RDR looks bad, you need some HDMI cables and a hiDef Tv,

Koolno2921d ago

it look pretty much the same on both platform, but xbox player don't have the same standard..

what is beautifull for them, it's meh for uncharted, killzone, etc player, logic.

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Urmomlol2922d ago

Awful list. Kane and Lynch 2? Seriously?

Terrible writing, terrible layout, terrible list.

Par for the course, Now Gamer. Try and see if you can come up with a list that's not absolute crap by the end of the year, eh? I'll be waiting but not holding my breath.

Feckles2922d ago

What's Urmomlol's list, then?

Urmomlol2922d ago

Certainly not Kane and Lynch 2 and RDR.

Now Gamer, you guys continue to prove you're an absolute joke of a gaming web site who are incapable of doing something as simple as finding the games with best graphics. I've seen small, no name blogs do a better job than you clowns.

Halochampian2921d ago

It's their opinion! Jesus people. I thought Alan Wake was breath taking in visuals. I can agree with all of them except for Kane and Lynch I really think Alan Wake deserves a spot.

But Im not gonna say they are clowns because they think differently. That's just outright Childish.

RDR was a beautiful game. At least what I played.

Montrealien2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

2 bubble troll on N4G calls out Nowgamer...


Feckles2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Still waiting for your ten, Urmomlol.

It's easy to troll without having the courage of your convictions. Let's have your list and then we'll see what other N4Gers think of your opinion.

Red Dead is a gorgeous-looking game (especially on 360) in terms of size, detail and atmosphere and Kane & Lynch 2's visuals are something new and interesting in a next gen world of brown and grey graphics.

It's a terrible game, mind.

Pandamobile2922d ago

Lol, that is terrible.

They don't even have 2010's best looking game in the list...

justinb12921d ago

god of war 3 is on there :s

kaveti66162921d ago

Metro 2033 on PC with DX11.

Pandamobile2921d ago

But GOW3 was not the best looking game of the year.

justinb12921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

That's where you're wrong, my friend :)

Think I can safely say it topped this (link)

iamgoatman2921d ago

Lol @ console gamers thinking GOW3 tops Metro 2033.

Pandamobile2921d ago

Lol, you think the screenshot you posted looks worse than this?

My, my, you console people are a weird bunch.

jammydude2921d ago

that's not the final build herp derp. My, my, you PC fanboy nerds sure are a weird bunch

(Btw I've played Metro 2033 maxed out, just so you know. I'm not being a fanboy about it though :D)

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