Game Pro: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier preview

The Ghost Recon franchise has always been more about group tactics and realistic technology than over-the-top super soldiers running solo with laser rifles. This has never been more apparent than in the forthcoming game in the series, Future Soldier. Though the focus on tactics is as present here as it's been in the past, the developers are taking the premise into the near future to imagine what tools and weaponry covert soldiers will have at their disposal, and they've relied heavily on the U.S. military's input to realize these advancements.

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sleepy32920d ago

IMO, that is the single cheapest thing in gaming. I don't acre about the real world. Having people running around invisible and shooting you is just not fun.

InTheKnow2920d ago

I don't think the invisibility will be in multi-player. Regardless, I just want the game to release as soon as possible...I hate delays. Graw 2 is my favorite multi-player experience this gen.