Uncharted 3 dev feeling 'crushing pressure'

Naughty Dog calls challenge to top last game "terrifying"

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DA_SHREDDER2920d ago

Calm down ND, its not like there is much competition, just do what you do, and we will buy when you release. In ND we trust.

ravinash2920d ago

Its great that they care enough that they want to do better.

I_find_it_funny2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I'm sure they will deliver
/original pic from gaf

hay2920d ago

Uncharted 2 raised the bar really high. It's hard to make something better. Even for the best like ND.

Boody-Bandit2920d ago

Naughty Dog all we want is your best efforts. Uncharted 2 was so amazing all I want is for you to do is mirror those efforts and make an even better online experience. That in itself is more than enough for most. You don't have to blow us away with visuals. That horse has already left the barn.

Just give us a great story, good voice acting and an even bigger single and multiplayer game. No pressure though. ;)

2920d ago
vsr2920d ago

ND feels pressure

But Gaming Fans are hyper excited. All games should check their BP

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Peppino72920d ago

Thats what happens when you make the best game ever. people are never satisfied but even if the game is exactly the same gameplay and graphically, it'll be fantastic.

kaveti66162920d ago

Best game ever? Do you really think so?

justinb12920d ago

For a lot of people it is the best game ever. I personally know quite a lot of friends who hold that opinion. That and that it sold well, was rated well and won more GOTY awards than any other game ever is testament to why they think so.

Peppino72919d ago

kaveti- mgs4 was my best game ever, but uc2 is right behind it.

visualb2920d ago

im not worried about single player

what im curious about is multiplayer

they mentioned "cinematic feel from single player"

maybe ala KZ3 mp with story based multi player? so goodies vs baddies with cut scenes and set pieces IN MULTIPLAYER?! =O

too epic...just...tooo...epic!?!?! ?!

TheGameFoxJTV2920d ago

That would change MP forever. LMAO

8thnightvolley2920d ago

i feel theirr pain its alot of expectations... ND keep it up

Lord_Doggington2920d ago

they have nothing to worry about, even if it's a pile of shit, the ps3 fanboys will love it because the box says uncharted

poopoojames2920d ago

no, the ps3 fanboys will love it because it's a ps3 exclusive. The gamers will love it because it is going to be an awesome game.

Lord_Doggington2920d ago

ForceCSW, I'm not disagreeing with you there...

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MaideninBlack2920d ago

They set the bar so high for action games they basically have to outdo themselves.

RedDead2920d ago

I agree, I think Uncharted 2 is the best cover tps can get.
We'll see though with Gears 3 and Uncharted 3.

mrv3212920d ago

Uncharted 2 went head to head with MW2 and still won more GOTY's.

Uncharted 3 will be even better, bigger and more explosive. This is roughly the point when someone posts the GIF of the building being blown up.

JakemanPS319942920d ago

that GIF is broken! Replace

Myst2920d ago

All I can say is good luck, and I know they will be able to top it. The dialog and the multiplayer is what really drew me in the most, along with the story as long as those elements are sound I am sold. Well..I will be particularly sold anyway because I enjoyed the last iterations of the series.

unkn0wn2920d ago

ND could probably leave something (collectively) in the toilet and it'd still be better than half the games out on the market right now. (I's LOOKIN AT YEW QUANTUM THEORY)

TronEOL2920d ago

I don't know, given their track record, Uncharted 3 is destined for perfection. They had damn near no complaints for Uncharted 2.

They know exactly what they didn't like in Uncharted 2 (they said it in Behind the Scenes video on the PSN in reference to reviews), so all they need to do is improve on places they believe need to be improved.

One LARGE factor though is something that will always keep people hooked for months and possibly years after the game is released. And that is multiplayer. If they want to compete with the likes of Call of Duty and Halo, they need to make it more accessible and add customization.. or just more options in general.

But I won't argue either way, since I know I'll spend hours on end in Uncharted 3 just like I did (and still do) in Uncharted 2.

unkn0wn2920d ago

I definitely agree with you on the multiplayer aspect. If they could really flesh that out, it would be one of the few complete games we have today. Not saying that others aren't but not in the same way Uncharted 3 could be with a really promising multiplayer and an already expected AAA singleplayer story. I did like the multiplayer in two, but they could have done more with it.

TronEOL2920d ago

I agree with you on what you said (pretty much the same thing I said, but used better and more simple wording). I understand what you're saying about a more "complete" game though.

Most game developers solely focus on one or the other, and rarely do they nail them both. Whereas Naughty Dog delivered a damn near perfect single player mode, and got lucky with their multiplayer formula.

Now all they need to do is pretty much what you said. They need to add to what they created. I have full trust in Naughty Dog though, so I'm not worrying.

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