Fallout 3 interview from Gamereactor

The scandinavian gamesite Gamereactor, was able to get an interview with lead designer Emil Pagliarulo from Bethesda Game Studios during this years E3.

In this recently posted interview, they talk about the Fallout community and their reactions to the game, gun customization, game mechanics and foes.

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monkey6024119d ago

Fallout news. So where's MK_Red?

EDIT: oops my bad I see him now he's approved the story

MK_Red4119d ago

I'm right here :)
Fallout 3 is gonna be sick.

PimpHandHappy, it will be much more than Oblivion with guns (At least Todd Howard promised that and I pray he's right).

monkey6024119d ago

I just got a magazine and it has a 3 page feature on Fallout 3. I havent read it yet but I definitely will tonight

PimpHandHappy4119d ago

thats all i need to know


Premonition4119d ago

Tsk Tsk Tsk so quick to judge a game before even seeing gameplay or even hands on with it. I cant wait to see how this game turns out, I hope its cool.

Maldread4119d ago

Made by the makers of Oblivion, surely must turn out great ;)