Resistance 3: Stunning New Screenshots Emerged (1080p)

New impressive Resistance 3 screenshots have been emerged.

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Tachyon_Nova2927d ago

Lol at the Chritmas stuff in that first shot. Graphics are looking good, this should be in top 3 shooters next year (given how many are coming out, that would be an impressive feat.

thereapersson2927d ago

I am so impressed at how far this engine has come in only a few years. Kudos to Insomniac!

RedDragan2927d ago

It's concept art. Not screenshots. The third person perspective in most shots should give it away.

I wish these foreign language websites would just go away, they blatently lie so that the English speakers will flock to their sites.

It's crap. That is what it is. Screenshots are far away yet.

danthegardner1042927d ago

Hey Red Dragon, these are screenshots. It's not hard to take the camera out of 1st person for more interesting SCREENSHOTS.

vsr2927d ago

I want to see resistance3 vs gears 3 battle on sept 2011.
(gears won't come on nov/2011 because of uncharted)

WhittO2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Wow, they have really stepped up the graphics!!

I guess having 30FPS locked instead of 60FPS has made them able to add alot more detail/effects, because I have to say the opening section to R2 didn't look very impressive graphically when there was that battlefield right at the beginning, it had poor AI and very poor graphical detail...

darthv722927d ago

now would be a good time to finish the first two. I have been playing both alternately and my attention span is easily distracted. KZ2 and GoW3 are to blame.

It would be funny though if this came out and I started playing it as well. Not the first time i played through (or started playing) a sequel before finishing the first (or 2nd haha).

This game will be one of my first day purchases. EASILY!

Bits-N-Kibbles2927d ago

you don't think these are screenshots? I hope that was sarcasm. Concept art is stylized much much more and you can usually see brush strokes. Go watch the trailer and then look at the screenshot. Hell go play resistance 2, the game play is not too incredibly off from these screen shots.

I'm worried about your survival on the forums on this website RedDragan more than anything because your statement is so ludicrous and wrong.

RedDragan2926d ago

No, I don't think these are screenshots. Just like they weren't screenshots for Resistance 2.

But hey, I suppose they toned down the graphics for the game just before retail eh? You know, not to embaress even the best looking FPS games on PC?

Yeah, right! Beleive this junk of an article if you want!

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ComboBreaker2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Wonder if that'll be utilize in multi-player online. You know, as a unique version of Rocket Booster.

FACTUAL evidence2927d ago


You do realize that the game has co-op campaign right? Do you also realize that these screens are from the new gameplay video?.....yeah....

Qui-Gon Jim2927d ago

Maybe this is nitpicking, but the "p" in "1080p" is meaningless when you're talking about screenshots.

Tachyon_Nova2927d ago

Not really, if it was 1080i, as in interlaced it would potentially look shocking as a still image because there would be heaps of artifacting from the previous frame.

Tachyon_Nova2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Obviously you guys dont understand what interlacing (i) is then....

If you are taking a screenshot of a prerendered frame, where no other frames have been rendered, then obviously there is gonna be no issue with interlacing.

RedDragan2927d ago

They do know what they are talking about... because with 1080 lines it would be fairly difficult to make out the artifacting.

I know this because I am a fairly advanced user of Pinnacle Studio.

HappyGaming2927d ago


The p is there because 1080 wouldn't make sense to most people and 2 mega-pixels would sound really low to others even though its a good image resolution.

Bits-N-Kibbles2927d ago

p is better than i because it comes later in the alphabet. /sarcasm

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user83971442927d ago

My beloved fps franchise is back. Resistance 1 still the best fps i ever played.

user83971442927d ago

Bubbles for you my friend.

Greek God2927d ago

i give you bubble too^^

Trebius2927d ago

Bubbles circle jerk. Bubbles for everyone!

Resistance is definitely one of the better FPS games i've had the pleasure of playing.

Tachyon_Nova2927d ago

It was good, but the best?

I'd have it in my top 10, but I doubt I could find room for it in my top 5 even. At the time of release it was awesome, but games have come a long way since then, and we've seen a heap of quality FPS's since then.

For the record, my favorite FPS's are BioShock and Crysis followed by Battlefield 2, MW2, Bad Company 1 & 2, Resistance 2, BioShock 2, R:FoM (in ninth), BF 2142.

user83971442927d ago

Yeah bioshock is one of the best but resistance was the reason why i bought a headset, have a gamebattled profile and stayed up till late to play online.

buffig2927d ago

Half Life 2, best game ever, never mind FPS

SnakeMustDie2927d ago

The improved engine looks awesome. I hope it looks as good as KZ3.

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