Rock Band: new trailer

So you dig other instruments then guitars? Dreamed of taking that mic? Or crash the drums?

This trailer is pure rock 'n roll to the max. Gametrailers just got this uploaded and it got us hyped up even more for it.

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TheMART4116d ago

Fack that trailer rocks! Gimme those instruments like right now :-)

facundo4116d ago

but too bad your instruments are going to be wired

TheMART4116d ago

First off: that's only with the bundle package. I really don't think that package is sold much. Who is going to drop what, 250 to 300 EUro/Dollar?

I think I am going to get one instrument and some friends will get others and play it over Live with each other.

PS3 will probably have to play it together with 4 at home because PSN isn't that a premium network, and have trouble finding your friends in the end.

Seperate non bundle instruments are sold wireless also. So I don't see the problem there. Plus: wires aren't that much of a problem, we've played with it through GH2 also didn't we? On stage when playing really in a band, a guitar, mic etc. normally also are WIRED.

MACHone4116d ago

It's good to see that a decent amount of time and creativity is going into not only the main features of this game, but also stuff like this. I'd love to see similar footage somewhere in the final game itself. I can't wait -- $200 will be a steal for the time I'm gonna spend with this baby!

felidae4116d ago

finally a good game for the 360. nice.

TheMART4116d ago

Hahahaha oh please dude. If you say you own a 360 once more, your nose has grown as long as the largests porn stars d!ck in the world.

Unbelievable. Go back to your BetaBluRayplayer please and watch some Casino Royale after you got tired of Warhawk, the only reasonable good exclusive game that has launched in a half year now. Even not AAA, just a solid 8 average reviewed or so.

Damn you're funny