Whatever happened to Survival Horror?

Megabits asks whatever happened to Survival Horror? Games that dragged you out of your psychological comfort zone rather than arming you to the teeth and sending you on your merry way to wreak havoc. What about atmosphere? Disconcerting surroundings? Tension, a sense of dread and foreboding, and above all, genuine heart pounding fear?

Survival horror games seem to have become increasingly devoid of substance...

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SnakeMustDie2924d ago

Old classics are more scary than next gen horror games.

R0me2923d ago

Agreed, loved dino crisis, RE, Silent Hill....
Developers must learn to make a scary atmosphere, work more with light/dark, sounds, scary notices, confusing signs etc.
It hasnt always to be brutal and mass blood.

Penumbra etc. is a good example.

NecrumSlavery2923d ago

I really miss the classic games when the world was a still painting and you just moved around in it. Camera control isn't scary. Those classic RE games had a great deal of detail and beauty in them as you when screen from screen, view to view. I would like RE6 to use that classic artstyle that is lost, but of course in raging HD. No more big armed dudes, rolling and using miniguns...

captain-obvious2923d ago

i have hope in the next RE
i mean
since i saw this
and that one that coming out to the 3DS

i really have high hopes for the next one on PS3/X360

now about that vid
even though its a wii game
they got the atmosphere spot on + the old zombies are back
which to me is very VERY important

GrieverSoul2923d ago

Wii killed it!
(see what I did there?)

I honeslty believe the casual type of games killed the very best single player genres we had in the past consoles. Its all about multiplayer now and casual games. Those games that immerse the player into their stories (like survival horrors) are replaced with noob tubes and wiimotes.

Elimin82923d ago

It went the way of the zombies......DEAD!

InTheKnow2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I've had the opportunity to play these great games and between them all, there is lots of scares to go around.

Alan Wake

Left for Dead



Metro 2033

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Cueil2923d ago

maybe you're looking on the wrong system... go check out the PC survival horror games

Ducky2923d ago Minecraft? :D

SnakeMustDie2923d ago

I know good horror games released this gen like Amnesia Dark Descent but few games cannot replace the scary memories that i had with clocktower, fatal frame etc.

catguykyou2923d ago

Amnesia is 50% off right now on steam. Good time to pick it up.

Jaces2923d ago

I think Dead Space faired pretty well in that category. They had the atmosphere, the sense of survival and not just wrecking havoc, dread and foreboding, etc...

Ibwib2924d ago

I can't wait to have a crack at Amnesia. Everyone I know has loved it, been scared of it, and failed to get the 'good' ending.

MagicAccent2923d ago

Took the words out of my mouth.

To anyone who hasn't played it: Play it.

BYE2923d ago

Is it better than Penumbra? I got bored of that game after 20 minutes.

DigitalAnalog2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Finally, someone does it right. It's been awhile since they've nailed atmosphere. Too bad idiots can't live without some superpowered gun to get through survival horror games this gen.

-End of Line

morganfell2924d ago

Even though you were eventually armed to the teeth, I think Dead Space did a great job of atmosphere. Alas it seems that some of that will be pushed aside as Issac goes from everyday repairman to hero.

I still remember that first moment in Resident Evil when Jill is in the mansion and that first zombie turns around. Extremely well laid out tension by the developers.

Bojeeva2923d ago

Found dead space really scary actually... it was like the alien films ... never knowing when something would pounce out from the dark

rezzah2923d ago

It was scary but it lost it over time. Once you get use to them the scary factor slips away. But the environment adds to everything and helps a lot too.

Ducky2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

As much as I hate DeadSpace, I did enjoy the developper interviews.

One of the interesting things they mentioned was that horror is a lot like comedy. Each scare is a punch line, and if you use the same punch lines, the jokes get old.

It seems the older games felt scarier because for many, it was the first horror game they played. The punch lines, so to speak, felt fresh. SystemShock2 scared the snozzleberries out of me, perhaps more so because it was the first scary game I played. The "They Hunger" mod-series scared me too. Now when I play it, I end up laughing my way through. The only thing scary now is the cheesiness.

That might be why survival horror is fading. For most, the scares are becoming old. You can keep adding darker environments, more gore, more ambient noises that don't mean anything, and it doesn't add much to the horror.

... not sure why they ditched the 'survival' part. Games are too easy to blast through.
Penumbra/Amnesia does survival, but that doesn't appeal to the majority.
True survival horror is a (relatively small) niche, and there isn't that big of a pot of gold under the macabre rainbow for developers to put the effort into it.
A casual horror game like DeadSpace will appeal to more people and sell more too.

andron2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I think they got lost in the gradually more commercial and casual oriented marketplace of modern games.

Now nobody dare make one in fear of being criticized as being too difficult or not innovating enough...

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