AMD Radeon HD 6970 performance figures leaked

Just a few days ahead of the anticipated unveiling of AMD's flagship Cayman GPUs - more commonly known as the Radeon HD 6900-series - Russian site hw-lab has posted full details on the new cards, along with a slew of benchmark results.

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dirthurts2920d ago

I will wait for some official benchmarks running on official drivers before I pass any judgment.
I'm sure ATI will impress however. They're on a roll lately.

MAJ0R2920d ago

with their cards yes, but with their drivers no

I'm hoping 10.12 will change that though

dirthurts2920d ago

10.12 is out now.
Updated graphical interface, and I gained some fps in my games.
Check out the preview on the AMD site.

MAJ0R2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

it's out now? lol awesome downloading now

Thecraft19892920d ago

Do not ! Reports suggest they have flickering problems and lower FPS performance.

dirthurts2920d ago

No problems here.
Actually it fixed a couple minor annoyances I was having.
But these are preview drivers, so they may still be beta. Not sure though as they're posted on AMD's site and they seem certified.

CombineElite2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I don't know what to think as Hexus is a pretty reliable site but on the other hand that sounds like a HD 6950 being on par with a GTX 570 and the HD 6970 will be on par with a GTX 580. I say on par because AMD wants to stay very close to Nvidia performance but do it more efficiently, cooler, and at a cheaper price.

Hexus may have just lost some credibility and shouldn't have run this story BUH BUH BUT.... if it is true then expect the HD6900 series to be very well priced to sale FAST and in pairs as a CF set up is lovely.

This would mean if the story is true that AMD is gonna go bang for buck like they do with their CPU's and give you great performance for way less than Intel (Nvidia on the GPU side), also meaning that the HD 6990 will be the beast to slay any Nvidia Card as the HD 5970 beats the GTX 480.

Whatever the case is we will find out tonight at midnight when official Benchmarks get released (unless the cards got pushed back)

HD 4890 @ 1 ghz CF

NYC_Gamer2920d ago

lets wait for the 6970 to be ran on mature drivers

Sarcasm2920d ago

It really depends on how they're going to price this thing.

For it to be any real value, then it has to be around $250-$300.

But overall, Meh... A GTX570 would pwn this card, and so much for the GTX580 Killer.

But I'll also wait for some real tests from a different array of sites first.

ProjectVulcan2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Certainly looks rather underwhelming....disappointed to be truthful if 6970 only just keeps up with the GTX570. Im going to buy one of these by friday, and its looking more and more like the Nvidia.

Maybe if AMD undercut Nvidia on price i might be swayed but unless 6970 can beat or match GTX570 in DX11 it wont be attractive for me

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digitalivan2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The mid-price cards from Nvidia and AMD will be equally valuable, but it seems that the best high-end card will again belong to Nvidia.

digitalivan2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

At least try to get your facts straight.
If you really want to compare a single gpu vs dual, here you go:
"The results are interesting to say the least. HardOCP found that while the Radeon HD 5970 delivered higher absolute framerates, the GeForce GTX 580 delivered a more consistent and better gaming experience"
And not to mention that Nvidia said they are planing to relase a dual gpu card.

distorted_reality2920d ago

One place in Oz has the 6970 for a $570ish pre-order (6950 = $450), but looking at their prices for other components, it seems like they're making a pretty hefty markup.

I'm waiting until I see some real prices - when I can get a pair of 6870's for $540, the 6970 would have to come under that price given the performance i've seen to warrant a purchase.

karlowma2920d ago

Looking like it might be an underwhelming performance from the Red Team. Guess we'll see how the official numbers look tomorrow. I'd get a GTX 580 if I didn't love Eyefinity so much.

Bellcross2920d ago

I can't wait for these cards to be out,I want the GTX 580 price to go down to $460 then I'll grab one.