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Kran2924d ago

No surprises there :/

KingPin2924d ago

this will probably make my bubbles disappear but it has to be said.......half of the gamers are full of crap! i like all the talk when the IW guys got fired/left when activision didnt give em their bonuses. and all of you guys were here running your mouth of how you werent gonna support activision and make sure that black ops fails and how treyarch couldnt live up to IWs C.O.D.

now we see that Black ops is top of the charts so some of you here were just talking crap! guess those zombies are just too tempting to pass up hey.


TheFreak2924d ago

you know there are people outside of N4G that buy games too LOL.

I for one like black ops I think the multiplayer is an improvement from mw2, but I am one of the few.

silvacrest2924d ago

even if every single person on n4g didn't buy black ops, we are still a very small minority, the sales would still be massive anyway

clintos592924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Totally agree with you. I remember seeing alot of people say that but as soon as it came out they couldnt hold back seeing all their friends playing black ops & buying it to play with them. Alot of my friends play black ops aswell but for me I wasnt going to let kotick have his way with me because there are way other better games out their that deserve to be played & have better sales & that is why I went out & bought MOH which is actually a very fun game online.

Im just glad GOTY at the VGA's went to RDR instead of Black Ops because Black Ops is such a overrated game & Mario Galaxy 2 should of been nominated over Black Ops.

worldgames2924d ago

Kinda agree and disagree, I for one hate black ops returned after 4 days. I did actually love mw2 though. But atm too busy playing gt5 to have time for anything else anyway.

What I disagree on, im not a fan of RDR, I know a lot of guys are on here so dont disagree with me if you like it, I understand where your coming from it just wasnt for me, and yes mario galaxy 2 should have been their, my fav game of the year would have to go to GOW3 imo that was my goty.

tablav2924d ago

It may well be hypocritical, but it's the way of the world. I work in television and job security is a real issue when so many people are fighting for the work. That wouldn't stop me watching tv though if anybody I knew lost work.

If the IW execs that got axed are so good, then finding work shouldn't be an issue.

Either way, Black Ops is a good game. It's a victim of being overhyped, like COD always are, but it's still a good game.

guigsy2924d ago

I also remember the majority opinion of Black Ops when it was announced was that it would be rubbish, but then closer to release everyone changed their tune. Just shows how fickle gamers can be at times.

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Sticky__Rice2924d ago

Black ops if fun though ^.^
Don't care what anyone say's.. its pretty cool, not GOTY level, but still fun. I'll trade it in in a few months and get Mass Effect 2; but still ^.^

SpitFireAce852924d ago

So a rehashed game can be the top selling game every
holiday season...since COD4 came out COD has been the
Top selling franchise for the holidays..and still no
dedicated servers for consoles even though 1 out of 3
matches Black Ops lags,or a random disconnect,Host
migration Etc...must be fun milking millions each year
from a re skinned game...