PlayStation 3 adds ITV and Channel 4 shows to on-demand lineup ITV and Channel 4 shows such as Coronation Street and The Inbetweeners will soon be available to watch via Sony's PlayStation 3 games consoles for the first time, in another sign of the convergence between traditional media and the internet.

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Mizz_mai2925d ago

good news,seem's like sony's dedicated to making ps3 a quality central media hub.....&

Scotland-The-Brave2925d ago

Brilliant. Ch4 is the TV channel in the UK, now we can watch reruns of the inbetweeners :)

Scotland-The-Brave2924d ago

why the disagrees? You dont like Inbetweeners? TAKE THAT BACK!!!!

AssassinHD2924d ago

It amuses me that people get so concerned over disagrees. It is like it bothers you that someone else in the world does not share your opinion. If that is true then it is really sad.

RedDead2924d ago

So what's this VAT returns thing and how do I do it?