New Tomb Raider Box Art Outed?

Bryce Wilson of RipTen; "EB Games, Australia's largest video game retailer recently uploaded their listing for the new Tomb Raider reboot, complete with box art and a short blurb about the game..."

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Batmau52839d ago

Something about the box-art screams "Rushed".

Drjft2839d ago

Hmm I dunno, I like it. She looks pretty roughed up.

CrzyFooL2839d ago

Possible - looks like they took some concept art and slapped it in there temporarily? Still cool tho, wonder where they got it?

coolasj2839d ago

I'm pretty sure someone just got the cover of the recent Game Informer Magazine and slapped it on a box. It's definitely fake.

Drjft2839d ago


It's not even from the most recent Game Informer magazine... How dumb are some people.

Drjft2839d ago

Looking forward to seeing this game on my shelf.

Sandwich Bender2839d ago

I find this much more intriguing than the ole rich, spoiled girl Lara Croft who raids tombs for fun.

Kurt Russell2839d ago

It still won't stop the young fappers ;)

Drjft2839d ago

Regardless of the fact that that image hasn't been shown in any of the magazines or press releases, yet is identical to the woman shown in the Game Informer screens?

snake-OO2839d ago

thats shot is just temp, many stores have temp box until the game is nearing release then they change it to the official box art.

CrzyFooL2839d ago

But where is it from!? That's not from the Game Informer scans. Looks like concept art to me. Somebody confirm this while I fap to Lara. :-p

colonel1792839d ago

Have you clicked the link or are you just looking at the article picture? I you had clicked the link you would have realized the boxart is the same as the cover from Game Informer.

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The story is too old to be commented.