South Park's World of Warcraft episode wins Emmy

In the creative arts group of the 59th annual Primetime Emmy Awards from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, South Park's beloved "Make Love, Not Warcraft" episode won in the Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour) category. This episode of Comedy Central's animated series originally aired on October 4, 2006. The South Park creators collaborated with Blizzard Entertainment to craft machinima scenes using shots of in-game footage. "We were excited to hear that the creators of South Park were interested in featuring World of Warcraft in the opening of their new season, and we really enjoyed collaborating with them to make this happen," said Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment.

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MK_Red4116d ago

1.Superb find and news.
2.South Park FTW.

gta_cb4116d ago

got to agree, i love watching South Park, and got to say this episode is really funny, especially when there about to go into battle against the dude with no life (if you have watched it you should know what i mean)

scarlett_rg4116d ago

"Everyone equip healing potions to the hotbar if you haven' already. Uh Kyle, go ahead and cast arcane briiliance to raise our intteligence."

"Hold on, I'm chainig my fire spells for max range."

"Nice. Stan, what enchantment does your cloak of the tiger have?"

"Plus fifteen agility."

"Give the cloak to Kenny. He needs the agility boost for bow attacks."


"Hang on. This battle could last more than 12 hours. What if we run out of food?"

"Don't worry, I've got it covered. Mom... More hotpockets!"

Oh man, that is some classic goodness!!

gta_cb4116d ago

haha, i had to give you a bubble for that, i didnt expect anyone to come back with the lines haha. another funny but sick part is when he needs the toilet lmao

scarlett_rg4115d ago

Lol, thanks!

The funny part is that that was all off the top of my head too. Think the last time I'd seen that episode was about 6 months ago. But ya, needless to say, I'd seen that one a few times!

And when he takes a crap... man oh man. I love how he doesn't take his eyes of the monitor for a second!... and keeps hitting keys the whole time too! Good stuff!

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RadientFlux4116d ago

Well deserved a great episode of south park and showcases the positives and negatives of online gaming. Way better then the Simpson's spoof of online RPGs.

Also showed what good sports people at Blizzard are.

fury4116d ago

I couldn't stop but laughing my ass off while watching this episode.
I love the scene where cartman calls for his mother and then craps into a bin because he's too fat and too addicted to WoW to stand up. xD

Mars Attacker4116d ago

This is a great episode. LMOA when I see Jimmy and Timmy in their avatars! My friends all wanted to see it, so I've probably seen it a half dozen times and it's still funny as hell.

Southpark rules over the Simpsons and especially Family Guy. I love being able to download the episodes from XBL. They look awesome upscaled to 1080P and Comedy Central seems to have no plans for HD on cable or sat any time soon.

gta_cb4116d ago

i know what you mean, although as i am from the UK i have only been able to download the free episode "good times with weapons" but still it looks fantastic.

Bathyj4116d ago

Congrates. Great episode.

So clever and funny.

And Randy, what a noob.

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The story is too old to be commented.