11 Games That Will Be Announced In 2011

Richard Bailey of writes: Now that the 2010 year of gaming is wrapping up successfully, I decided it was time to reflect on the onslaught of titles primed to takeoff in 2011. While several gaming lineups have already been revealed on all three platforms, you can’t help but wonder what other releases are being kept quiet until just the right time. This list is meant to elaborate further on that concept.

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Kamikaze1352801d ago

Bayonetta 2 was already announced and Paper Mario 3DS was already announced as well during E3.

Tachyon_Nova2801d ago

Indeed, although otherwise I think most of those are safe bets.

Assassins 3, CoD 8 (wether or not its MW3 who knows), Dantes 2, Bad Company 3, GTA V, Resi 6, Activision/Bungie Game, Army of Two 3 and Halo: CE remake I would all bet on.

I cant see MS doing a Halo Kinect game, the franchise is simply too big to canibalise with a sh*ty cash in, although they seem intent on doing it to Forza.

redDevil872801d ago

Bad Company 3?

Don't know about that with Battlefield 3

Lionhead2801d ago

Could those images be any more stretched out :S

Looking forward to some of these though.

HolyOrangeCows2801d ago

"7. Star Fox Wii"

It's about time that they get on that.

I_find_it_funny2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

if GTA gets release date before Agent, Sony can kiss their abstract exclusive goodbye

BC3 lol more like BF3

Lightsaber2801d ago

only one that really get me excited is KI reboot. SR3 be cool too

Anderson82800d ago


"I cant see MS doing a Halo Kinect game, the franchise is simply too big to canibalise with a sh*ty cash in...."

Halo Wars?

AndrewRyan2800d ago

Too many reboots and sequals this year. I want some fresh stuff. There is a reason most people are excited to see what TLG will be like.

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GenericUserName2801d ago

Bayonetta 2 was not announced, a tweet is not an announcement.

gamizing2800d ago

the game dirctor himself said that

r1sh122801d ago

I really want another GTA to come out.
Im bored of call of duty and the way activision price fix DLC.

GTA IV - had a great multiplayer which I loved. Became quite good, and did everything. It was a very versatile game, game types for everyone. I think they tried to capture some of GTA multiplayer in Red Dead but it failed.
No one plays it, and they really do need to remove auto aim.

never_waste_a_bullet2801d ago

wow, I only care about Half life and GTA

Raptura2801d ago

You must only game every 3 - 5 years then.

Raf1k12801d ago

Or he loves them so much he's still playing them.

never_waste_a_bullet2801d ago


Star Fox Wii
Resident Evil
Saints row
Assasins Creed

I could game for a lifetime without these games

redwolf2801d ago

GTA V will be the big one

gamizing2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

right big big one but i think it,s will be on PS4 ( next gen ) it,s rockstar baby

Prcko2801d ago

gief me gta5 and i am sold

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