Amazon discounting several big-named RPGs for today

Amazon is discounting several big-named role-playing games, mostly from Japan, in their latest “17 Days of Deals in Video Games” deal.

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Newtype2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I'll probably pick up Star Ocean now.

Edit: And ROFL, FFXIII is almost as much as FFX and the older PS2 games.

Chris3992925d ago

It's a super fun game. The story isn't as bad as people would lead you to believe. The combat system is the real meat of the game as well as the sense of exploration.

After the endless tunnel that was FFXIII it's nice to have such an open world game (no Oblivion, but really expansive environments).

militant072925d ago

you gota be kidding me

this game is shit in every way you look at it.
I bought Infinite Undiscovery and I thought its better or so but it the same shit !

Chris3992925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Perhaps you're not aware but people can have one different than your own. Perhaps you'd like to explain, from your perspective how the game is "shit".

I gave several reasons why it's enjoyable (forgot to mention that the PS3 version has Japanese audio and subtitles too) and even the Western media gave it average to good scores across the board. Game has well over 100 hours of play, nice visuals, lots of exploration and secrets, new game +, extra dungeons and a good combat engine.

And yes, it would share some similarities with Infinite Undiscovery as it's made by the same developers and possibly even uses the same engine.

Your comment wasn't constructive at all.

Edit: And why would you buy another game in the same genre (RPG) from the same DEVELOPER when you found the first one so annoying? It's like smashing your hand with a hammer twice and complaining that it still hurts the second time around.

KillingAllFanboys2925d ago

Ok I am playing Star Ocean and it is fun by why cant I not just block enemy attacks and instead of jumping other side. For example, I am killing some monster and I get ganged by other monster what do I do just start jumping.

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Sticky__Rice2925d ago

I actually really liked FFxiii; sure it could've been better, but it was still enjoyable; Still i havent played star ocean... Might have to pick this one up ^.^

Myst2925d ago

Amazon is discounting a game I was looking forward to re-purchasing again. Neverwinter Nights 2, Lost mine so this is awesome, Reasonance of Fate and Birth by sleep could be an awesome addition as well.

Qui-Gon Jim2925d ago

FF XIII for $19 (the first FF I have not bought) and 3D Dot Game Heroes for $16. I really shouldn't be spending the money when I don't know if I'll get around to playing them, though. On the other hand, if i buy them for cheap, other games I want might have gone down in price by the time i have finished them.