First Final Fantasy IV PSP scans

V-Jump gives the first images from the news that's now spreading like wildfire.

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imoutofthecontest2921d ago

Man I need to finish this game. My memory card wiped on me halfway through it on PSX, I borrowed it on GBA but didn't finish before I had to give it back, and just haven't picked up the DS one yet. :( Perhaps this will be the one I finally finish?

Game-ur2921d ago

Why in the world don’t they remake FF6, the newer generations need to experience the best FF ever.

PrettyinPurple2921d ago

Oh they will... They're milking each one "one step at a time". Except, they gotta finish up to V before the next generation otherwise they'll start again.


SaiyanFury2920d ago

Still doing remakes of the earliest FF games eh S-E? Why not make something genuinely new instead of eternally revisiting old games on newer platforms? That said, if you must remake earlier games, yes, make a newer version of FF6! For crying out loud, enough of the first 4 games!

PrettyinPurple2921d ago

This is among my favourite titles, and I love the Anniversary PSP releases. However, I'm NOT going to buy this, 'cause I'm sick of them re-releasing H.S titles without crediting him.

Ascalon942920d ago

Yes! I have wanted to play this game and now I get a chance.