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HOTA9X2928d ago

These old FF games, make solid psp games IMO.

NecrumSlavery2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Is it updated like the PSP versions of FF 1, 2 or Star Ocean?

I like the oldschool look, but with the added 3D effects that was in the remakes of the first two FFs.

BinaryMind2928d ago

Why not include the DS remake if they are gonna charge full price for yet another version of this game?

Cratos87802928d ago

PSP version is not a port of the SNES games. Read the article.

"Square Enix is redoing the visuals and adding a new scenario that connects FFIV and FFIV The After Years. There could be some other new elements as well, but we'll have to wait for a followup report."

BinaryMind2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Yeah, but my impression was that they are gonna redo it to look like FFI and II on PSP. I want the 3D version not another 2D version.

Cratos87802928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Gameplay > Graphics

And the new 2D graphics will be modern and prettier than the originals.

I think they are going for 2D graphics because it is an artistic choice on their part to give old-school feel and maybe also to save development costs.

jc485732928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I am actually excited about this because I am dying to see an enhanced 2d remake of the FFIV on the psp.

Cratos87802928d ago

"I am actually excited about this because I am dying to see an enhanced 2d remake of the FFIV on the psp."

You stealth-edited your reply. You had different reply before. You got the disagrees because of your original reply.

Eamon2927d ago

Yeah they should at least port the DS version. It's in 3D with voiced cutscenes and gameplay is actually more difficult.

IGN also think the DS version of FF4 is the best version.

Although, I'll be looking forward to this remake of FF4: The After Years. I haven't played that.

jc485732927d ago


I didn't know I could edit my comment. It's pretty neat. The power of the fanboys are too strong. There's no point in defending for anything.

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kasasensei2928d ago

PSPgo users? fkd as usual... What's the problem with pspgo users, SE?

sinncross2928d ago

SE doesn't realise that while small, PSPGo users still make up the entire PSP market share, and that some PSP users would still rather download the game rather then get the UMD.

Stealth20k2928d ago

less than a million go users to 60 million umd users....sure

jc485732928d ago

this news is way better than VGA's game reveals.

Godmars2902928d ago

Its sad that the can announce much less do this, yet not the FF7 after they themselves hype the damn thing.

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