My Gamer Talk - Gran Turismo 5 Review – Worth the wait?

MyGamerTalk - Gran Turismo 5 is easily one of the most anticipated games to come out this year for the PS3 and it’s no secret that fans have been desperately waiting for it’s release. So is GT5 worth the wait or is it a casualty of a long development time?

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allyc4t2927d ago

Was definitely worth the wait.

nix2927d ago

yup.. and i repeat what i said earlier... i've realised that GT5 is feeling more like a RPG for me. i look at the cars i have won/bought that has been upgraded fully. i sure wont be letting my friends drive these babies when they come over. if they crash (which they will), i'll have to pay thru my nose. lvl 20 here. i feel like i own that 'Demon's Souls' character.. if he kept dying the world became darker.. q:

allyc4t2927d ago

Haha. No one drives any of my precious cars either! Way too expensive to repair them.

Mite222927d ago

I loved everything in this game, I just wish all the cars were premium. They look absolutely fantastic.

allyc4t2926d ago

Agreed! At 6 months a car, it would have taken them forever to finish the game. Maybe they can speed up the process for GT6?