The Japan Preview: 12/12 Edition (MHP3 week 2, DKC: Returns)

VGC: "Here is the good news: it was another good week for software in Japan. Lots of Wii and DS software continues to rise, and Donkey Kong Country: Returns had a 200k+ opening for Wii. Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable 3 for the PSP dropped pretty sharply from week one, but remained the top selling game of the week, beating DKC: Returns by over 2:1, with sales of 430,000+ in week two. Level-5 also delivered a major new hit to DS this week, as its new Ninokuni game opened to sales of over 240,000 for the week. Hardware sales continue to grow, as Japan moves deeper into December. Three platforms were over 100,000 units this week - PSP, DS, and Wii."

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