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Check out the review scores from the latest issue of Game Informer.

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2923d ago
imoutofthecontest2923d ago

What comments do they make about the games?

Lord_Doggington2923d ago


RememberThe3572923d ago

Good to see the Kinect games get to good reception. I gotta reup on my GI subscription, their really the only game media outlet I trust now days. Well, GI and Giant Bomb.

Lifendz2923d ago

Giantbomb is funny and entertaining, but trusting their reviews is a stretch. They didn't even know that custom soundtracks are possible on the PS3. I'd maybe trust their reviews on multiplats and 360 exclusives, but I wouldn't go to them for anything exclusive to the PS3 (see the very negative GT5 review as one example).

RememberThe3572923d ago

I don't expect them to share my opinions. But they explain themselves in their reviews, it's not just a bunch of hot air to justify a score. So when I don't agree with a score at least I understand why they gave a game what they did. When they don't like something it's genuine not just nitpicking. I love GT5 and I don't agree with their review of it, but I understand why they didn't like certain thing. Those things just don't really matter to me. Same goes for GI.

Lifendz2923d ago

Good point, 357. My prob is that they seem a little overly critical of PS3 exclusives and they about a multiplat on PS3. It's always the 360 version. The GT5 review pushed me over the edge. WHen they were bishing about the music I wondered if they'd ever played a GT game. They're alot like those other two guys on Weekend Confirmed that felt the need to troll the GT5 discussion.

f00pgames2923d ago

Bejeweled 3 has got 9!!

Raoh2923d ago

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – 4.5
Tron Evolution – 4.5

wow, you know your doing something wrong when your being beaten by kinect and move games..

that is just a horrible score, i have to rent them, they cant be that bad.

jannytime2923d ago

they probly are that bad.. tron is a movie game and we all know how they turn out.. and i have no idea why they made ghhost recon for the wii NOW, GRAW 2 came out like 3 years ago

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