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Special Guest from The Tester 2 Big Fazeek – Big Fazeek joins us this week to talk about his illegal booting off of the Tester 2. Hater fans get on the show and tell BF how they feel.

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Tomb Raider

The possible blacklisting of yet another game publisher


Business Never Personal

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Punch-o2925d ago

Guys are crazy good laughs great show.

pixelsword2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Yeah it's a good show and a great website I go there just t click the ads because they are in the top 10% of quality game sites to me. I usually correct or argue with idiots, and his site is generally bereft of them so I don't comment there like I ought to but my lack of commentary is not a lack of participation. I enjoy Tor's relationship with the gaming community and his friendships with people in the industry.

I think I'm going to visit now.


Next time, get something from Eric Sermon after he left EPMD lol

DarK-SilV2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I am with Pixelsword ,I don't comment a lot but I visit the site every day,I was a fan from the start ,it was only tordavis ,his friend (don't remember his name) and a guy who used to do Japanese stuff which also did 1V1 podcast ,then HHG came,Slowly they became bigger and bigger

tordavis knows what he is doing and he his site built around community


I think tor is a comedian hahahahah

Rage_S902925d ago

good show except there was lots of echoing in the middle

DA_SHREDDER2924d ago

Yeah that was bull crap when Big Fazeek got booted. I actually thought the dude was real cool, he just had a hot temper. Im sure things would have happened differently had Sony not put a bunch of little kids on the show instead of grown ass people that actually wanna put in work and not cry the whole damn time. I will admit though, Big, you could've acted a bit more mature at times, oh well shit happens.

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