Xugo Gaming Official Disney's Epic Mickey Review

Xugo Gaming's Matt Jay: "While Epic Mickey has some great production values and lovely presentation packed to the gills with lots of nerdy goodies for cartoon dorks like me, the game is an absolute mess. Terrible controls, camera, level design, quest system, pacing and choice system make one of my most anticipated games of the year an enormous disappointment. I really, REALLY wanted to love this game. I tried my hardest to find the good in it, but there simply wasn’t much there. To be completely honest with you I didn’t even finish the game. At about ¾ in I just couldn’t take it any more."

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Urmomlol2925d ago

You didn't finish the game and we're supposed to take your review seriously?

T3h Kaiser2925d ago

Have you never played a game and found it so bad that you couldn't finish? Would you consider that game worth your money? Not every game needs to be finished in order to determine whether or not it's bad.

omeGAMERcenary2925d ago

You've made a very valid point. I actually agree with the reviewer. Fan service aside, the game is terribly boring. The only reason one would plow through this is to see what other Disney relics and references pop up. I commend the reviewer for tolerating it as long as he did; I surely didn't last that long.

Lucreto2925d ago

Played it and loved it and I plan to play it again soon.

Xander-RKoS2925d ago

Eh, I like this game and I feel that this reviewer is trying to hard to not like the game. I mean, I get that some parts the reviewer found was "boring" but don't talk level design and not explain what's wrong with it. What about it makes it feel dated? I liked Banjo and Kazooie, so why is it that this game reminds you of it a bad thing? Also, the nit-picky little things like having to wait while a game is saving to get control of mickey (thats what that three second wait is) or having to press A to go through the portals and not jump through it...c'mon...

The paint/thinner this is actually not as binary as you think. Characters will you treat you differently based on how you do things, yes, but the blue and green meter isn't a good or bad meter. It's a playstyle meter. Both of the fairies you get for filling it up are referred to as guardians, and just help get the things you seem to like done quicker. I was also never aware that thinner itself is bad, but mindless and uncaring destruction was bad. You're never chastised for using thinner, but you are for destroying gardens, or melting people.

But whatever, I love the game. Still haven't beaten it, but planning on soon.