Examining ‘Elder Scrolls’ Multiplayer Potential

Rob Keyes and Anthony Taormina of Game Rant write: "Bethesda Softworks pulled out what may have been the only true surprise announcement of the VGAs by revealing the first teaser trailer and release date for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Though the Skyrim trailer contained no real footage to speak of, the real question is what type of game is Skyrim?

We know it’s coming but what we don’t know, is what type of gameplay Skyrim will feature or if all the hints and evidence about it possibly featuring a multiplayer element (co-op?) or actually being an MMORPG will form the truth about Elder Scrolls V. Let’s talk about how if Skyrim or more specifically, the larger world of Tamriel, can work as an MMO."

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BeOneWithTheGun2926d ago

Agreed. If it's not broken DON'T FIX IT. With that said, I would not ask for but rather deal with a Demon's Souls style MP. One that I could turn off at will by simply playing offline.

I have high hopes for this game. I really hope they don't cave to conventionalism and tailor to the casual or jump the shark completely. I believe Bethesda's head honcho, though, ahs been quoted as saying he doesn't make games to be cool or hip but make them for his dedicated audience. Something along those lines, anyway.

I have faith. 11.11.11 is the day of reckoning.

Anarki2925d ago

1-4 players is the limit, MMO scale would ruin it.

Qui-Gon Jim2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

11.1.11 is the "day of reckoning."

In all seriousness, though, I am looking forward to this, as long as it isn't an MMO. Adding online components, even co-op, would be fine with me as long as, like you said, I can turn it off.

RedDead2925d ago

Qui gon, 1/11 is a dif game, Uncharted 3 I think.

I would like some little co-op elements or something like the arena to batle against some people but noting big that could mess with the Elder scrolls as it it.

Isn't it great how they make a new engine for each ES game?

visualb2925d ago

reddeaddestroyer.-..yeh missed the joke =P

@ Beone

i disagree, I think adding a demon's souls co.op drop in/drop out mechanic available FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO USE IT is no way a problem.

however, obviously leave the game completable in single player.

I don't understand this fear of allowing the OPTION to play co-op.

Hello? dungeon's and dragons is the core of all RPG's, and it started off...wait for it...


so please, allow Bethesda to explore this new mechanic, it might be awesome, if it sucks, at least its an option you don't need to take =)

Qui-Gon Jim2925d ago

Yeah, Uncharted 3. It was a joke, but i guess I could have made that more clear.

RedDead2925d ago

No qui gon, I was a bit retarded for not seeing it, it's so clear now though

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TheGameFoxJTV2925d ago

If they add any kind of MP, it would restrict them from doing Mods. So fuck MP.

Cueil2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

It's not an mmo and it wont have MP... that's something that's not what Elder Scrolls is about

Spitfire_Riggz2925d ago

My bad I was thinking more along the lines of Demons souls MP, Fable 3 or Borderlands. Dont know what hit me in the head there.

GameRant2925d ago

Not a fan of MMO idea but I do like option for co-op play.

Mr Tretton2925d ago

There tends to be so much single player value in these kind of games, that MP is really not needed. Not everything needs MP.

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