Medal of Honor 2010 Never Banned

The video game Medal of Honor 2010 has been the subject of controversy and complaint since its release in October 2010, with news media all over the world declaring its ban by the US Military, but it turns out this may well be a case of Wag the Dog, as the military denies banning the game, which is popular with troops and is widely played on bases all over the world.

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MyUS_ARMY_CPTRespect2841d ago

FK the EA... U know why EA quick hide a sale? because 6day in Falluja I just looked real than MoH dumb. I just looded ugly cloth is not real. My USA army was real all cloth same time.

Incipio2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )


Edit: Funny thing is, I think I actually got the gist of what he was saying lol

Ducky2841d ago

Don't question his genius.

2840d ago
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StitchJones2841d ago

You can stop posting MOH articles now. The game didn't sell and it's a lame dead doornail. Move along now.

Government Cheese2841d ago

Wasn't Medal of Honor that one game that was included with the BF3 beta invitation?

maxqubit2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

True, online is down to a few thousand gamers every night (xbl) but i like the game. 70 hours and counting.

Black Ops is collecting dust
Looking forward to BC2:Vietnam

TekoIie2841d ago

Black ops is actually better than MOH i think that next time DICE need to be cut out of the development team and just have danger close make the MP as well as SP since the MP just sucks balls in the final game and the beta was so much better...

maxqubit2841d ago

I didn't play the beta so i wouldn't know. But i'm happy with the MP by Dice (the Frostbite feel although 'lite' compared to BC2)

For me, BO is just rehashed MW2. I stoped playing MW2 after BC demo Port Valdez arrived, and only played some BO to realize it was more of the same. Lots of content but nothing interesting for me.

I'm interested in the basics of shooting. Not in killstreak number 27 of CoDxx (granted, BC does better shooting than MoH, ballistics and stuff but i still like MoH)

bart9992836d ago

Agreed, BC2:Vietnam is where it's at now.

MoH wasn't terrible, and frankly I'm still playing it. on the PSN it's the same though, about 4-5k players a night.

Arup022841d ago

Actually Moh has great imo. Dunno why he didn't sell too much.

SwiftShot2841d ago

Moh haven't played it yet I should of got that over black ops. Didn't like black ops, just the story n zombies lol back 2 mw2 indeed

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