LZ07: Ace Combat 6 Preview

Ace Combat 6 is the first Ace Combat game to be developed for a next generation system and the game benefits hugely from this. For anyone who has seen the game, they will know the visuals are surprisingly striking.

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-_-_-_-_-_-_-3421d ago

WTF?! Why isn't this game coming out for PS3?

Skynetone3421d ago

and with lair and assassins greed being so crap it would have sold well

Bnet3433421d ago

They wanted to bring the series online for the first time, and Xbox Live compared to PSN is a kill, so it was a no brainer there. They commented on how Xbox 360 sales are bad in Japan, but they said they are going for worldwide audience and seeing as this was the #1 downloaded demo through E3 2007 with 500,000 downloads, I wouldn't be surprised if this game reaches 1 million copies sold.

rogimusprime3421d ago

...doesn't look THAT much better than Ace Combat 5 or zero. For all the smack people are talking about lair...i expected better. I'll play it for the story though. but i'll be damned if im buying it.

ravinshield3421d ago

it wont cuz its exclusive for the 360

Double-Edged3421d ago

What a nice 360 exclusive.


sak5003421d ago

Totaly kicka$$ visuals and sounds.

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