Tasteless Gamer: Tron : Evolution Review

Propaganda Games is a lesser known company owned by Disney Interactive. Formed in 2005 and based in Vancouver Canada, the studio only has two titles under their belt. The poorly received Turok (2008) and of course, Tron: Evolution. Their third title, Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was eventually cancelled (that is probably a good thing!).

Tron: Evolution will be just as poorly received. No, take that back, it will be even worse!

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FrankDrebin2839d ago

Thanks for the review. Staying away from this one!

cyguration2839d ago

Yeah this game looked like a stinker.

blue7xx72839d ago

Hopefully the Movie turns out better than the game.

Lionalliance2839d ago

They canceled the promising Pirates of the Caribbean game for this?!

Quagmire2839d ago

I know, my heart sank when i heard the cancellation. Hate Disney.

d3nworth12839d ago

And another movie based game bits the dust.

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The story is too old to be commented.