Console Monster: LOVEFiLM on PS3 Impression

Console Monster: "For some time, people in the UK and Europe have ogled at movie services offered overseas, where offerings such as the PlayStation Video Store and Netflicks have been available for quite some time. These such services gives its users the ability to own or rent movies and download them onto their console. A few select countries in Europe and the UK have had the Video Store for a little while, and now a similar steaming service to Netflicks has launch to the UK from LOVEFiLM, who open its cinema doors to film buffs on the PlayStation 3."

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Chaostar2924d ago

I'm doing the free trial right now. So far it's pretty impressive, nice UI and not a single video stutter or buff yet. The selection of movies that you can stream changes periodically but sometime when browsing for movies I tend to see the same few pop up over and over, which suggests to me that the library might not be as expansive as I first thought. However any movie you can't stream can be rented on DVD/Bluray and when my free period ends I think I'll sign up for a games package as well :)