Console Monster: The Fight: Lights Out Review

Console Monster: "Until now, motion-based fisticuffs has had you mostly swinging your Wii controllers in thin air whilst witnessing your actions portrayed on screen - most likely in a very lacklustre fashion. With the help of Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, developers now have the ability to track your limbs that little bit more precisely and get a little more serious in this genre. Games are being developed with body tracking that now allows your on-screen persona to have limbs attached to those Rayman-like floating fists of yours – that’s right people, we now have arms - Bring on The Fight!"

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Balt 2926d ago

After racking up some 7000 calories just in fights alone, not training, I have come to realize one thing -- This game is flawed in one area. The fighters simply don't want to fight you. Every time I am doing the endurance training, which I got to 187 rounds, all they want to do is back away from you. Always. It pisses me off. You can't get a workout in because no one wants to fight you.

Online is a whole new monster -- These idiots who you are fighting across the globe are jack offs. They want no part of fighting either. They simply clinch you or back away or decalibrate themselves and cheat to victory.

This game is awesome in theory. I love it, don't get me wrong. But there are many things I wish were different about it now in retrospect. I want a mode where it is no stop punching and them coming after you. I can wear this game out long before it wears me out because it's afraid of you it seems.

I want AI that is balls out tough. It comes for you 100% all the time. It doesn't let up. I can take it. Sadly what we got is a string of fighters who do little more than back away from you the entire time.