The Console Wars: Video Review

Easily one of the best round ups of the current console wars. The reviewer manages to flame every single console and Blu-Ray in one long video with no punctuation.

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N4Gworks4Sony3668d ago

Only the smart will realize that this video is really just a subliminal negative propaganda for halo3, You cant tell me that by now there are still people that cant tell the difference between metroid and halo. So why did this douche show the master chief when he was mentioning the "usual nintendo staples"?


masterg3668d ago

Maybe you should just watch the video without sharing your conspiracy theories.

cloud3603668d ago

I feel sorry for u. i do feel how you fell right now....

This guy is like the angry video game nerd u fu*k tard. this is entertainmen and he is joking.

Why dont u check out all the negative stuff he sed about PS3 and Heavenly sword and Bioshock on his other videos.

Plz for the sake of not making me look like a d*ck plz do not change your comment.

Biasmania3668d ago

I love this guys work, I think he is one of the bright spots on the net, his Heavenly Sword demo review was terrific. Give the man his due.

Amp3668d ago

This video is absolutely hysterical, but it was posted last week here too. Is it O.K. to show the same article, or in this case, video again?Sorry, im new here

Meus Renaissance3668d ago

"I Eat Lions" next to the picture of Gears lool.

"...steering wheel, gun..or a milking machine" Lool

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The story is too old to be commented.