Indie Game Uprising Review: Decimation X3 (Spawn Kill)

We’ve seen it all before. Remakes of games that have been done over and over, and nothing new is added to the table. We get it. So what makes Decimation X3, this carbon-copy of Space Invaders, so much different than any other game that attempted the same feat? I’ll tell you what makes it so unique: everything. With its simplicity, blast-from-the-past graphics, and incredible soundtrack, Decimation X3 took on the challenge of remaking Space Invaders, and achieved it with such style and grace that it blew its competition out of space… Literally.

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tigresa2924d ago

Holy sh*t. I’m not even kidding I’m buying this tonight because of the freaking music.

Drachaus2924d ago

Yeah the music seems pretty freaking amazing.

fonzii2924d ago

Easily worth a dollar. Some of the best music since the game with zombies in it

rrquinta2923d ago

Sounds like a fun retro-throwback title.