More Details For SSX: Deadly Descents

Kotaku: "The official page for SSX: Deadly Descents went live sometime last night, shedding a little more light on the return of the snowboarding series and dropping another three screenshots.

According to the site's official writeup, SSX: Deadly Descents tells the story of a team seeking " to be the first to descend the faces of the most treacherous mountain ranges on the planet." The globetrotting snowboard supercrossers will be shredding down the Himalayas, Patagonia, the Alps and ice ranges of Antarctica. Players will be battling both the mountain and a rival team seeking the same claim as yours."

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VersusEM2925d ago

Looks too dark,not the SSX I remember. Hope they change it back to the way it was but then again, you never no, I mean it is just a teaser trailer.

Acquiescence2925d ago

The whole world wants SSX Tricky, current-gen style. We get a try-hard, Call Of Duty-wanabee instead!

Give me wacky characters, colourful day-glo settings and ludicrous tricks to pull off. Not this...crapfest.

Yi-Long2925d ago

... the thing most of us loved about the SSX-series, like the fun arcade-style light-hearted colourful spectacular over the top stuff.... seems missing here.... replaced by a darker and more mature tone.

I don't like it. It could have been absolutely awesome with more colours, lighting effects, fireworks, light-traces, etc etc etc... yet it seems they just dimmed it all down.

It's like the people who made this game have absolutely no clue as to what made us all fall in love with SSX in the first place!

Immortal3212925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I like change, I get board playing the same thing over and over again. and please spare me the whole all games technically blah blah.
give me different, give me unique, and please spare me the whole technically blah blah.

(disagree with no explanation incoming in 3,2,1.....)


the characters and their personality and tricks make ssx, not color. I would play the game in black and white as long as the game have personality and character.

IHateYouFanboys2925d ago

"We get a try-hard, Call Of Duty-wanabee instead! "

what about that trailer is Call of Duty like? i dont remember doing tricks on a snowboard in Call of Duty?

showtimefolks2925d ago

give this game a chance all we have seen is a tease/trailer

Yi-Long2925d ago

... but the first impression that teaser/trailer gives us, makes it seem like we're not getting the kind of SSX-game we all love and want more of.

TBH, after having seen this trailer, I hope they'll announce they will also release a HD widescreen version of SSX3 for XBLA/PSN.

At this point, that would have me more excited.

sickbird2925d ago

haha i love that someone disagreed with you, shows how ignorant some gamers are.

cyguration2925d ago

This doesn't even look like SSX anymore. I can't even imagine doing the Superman on a snowboard in a game like this.

At least they're doing something different and it's not a Tony Hawk retread or whatever.

Arup022925d ago

I can't say i like it. The trailer showed a different game,not SSX (arcade, crazy tricks,etc) But i'll have to wait some gameplay action to tell if this game is worth or not have the SSX name on it.

Dellis2925d ago

Why are people judging CG?????

the game will be all silly like it always has been

don't be fooled by flashing CG

the entire VGAs were a joke full of CG( EXCEPT Uncharted)

Sitris2925d ago

And resistance, pretty sure that was gameplay.

infamousinfolite2925d ago

I just hope EA gives us the same exact formula as with older SSX games. Nothing hurts us gamers more then finding out that it's not the same and that we got excited for a SSX game that isn't familiar to us. (Shift, Undercover, Prostreet)

Arup022925d ago

Agree completely with you. I just want the old SSX formula in a new skin.

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