Batman: Arkham City - The first glimpse of a new villain in Arkham City

Thought Hugo Strange was the only villain revealed last night? Think again. A brief look at the SPIKE VGA set before the trailer exposes an unfamiliar character.

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Lionhead2922d ago

Someone's been snack happy

Quagmire2922d ago

A Burger a Day keeps the Batman away, I suppose.

femshep2922d ago

not this time how ever

Arup022921d ago

"You will find Calendar Man held underground within Arkham City, his personality and interaction can change depending on the day, time or even date. Set your consoles time a month ahead and you will get a completely different conversation from your last. It's not apparent if he appears more than once in the game but there's definitely more to him than meets the eye." That's amazing!!!

violent80sarcade822920d ago

calender man is so weak! lol hugo strange is too i hope riddler and mad hatter r !n and 2plr co-op with robin...