VGA 2010 Trailers Reviewed. All 12 World Premiere Videos Inside!

GameDynamo - "Many of the VGA 2010 world premiere trailers were awesome, some were too short, and others were just plain lame. In this mini-review compilation, we rate each trailer based on composition quality, new information, and impact."

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Xfanboy2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Resistance 3 best graphics in my opinion!

2807d ago
Mr Tretton2807d ago

idk, the new stylized look is really good, but it looks like it lacks tons of texture. It's still somewhat simple looking, like all Insomniac games.

Definetly miles beyond 1 and 2

BYE2807d ago

Thanks for this overview.

dirthurts2807d ago

We're reviewing trailers now? Ugh.