VGA's 2010 - What You Might Have Missed

ISM: During the Spike Video Game Awards, there were many trailers shown to us gamers. Some were trailers of games we already knew about, some new announcements, some release dates were given, and some characters were revealed.

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CombineElite2922d ago

A bunch of C-list celebrities posing like they are Hardcore gamers and a lot of nerds telling un-funny jokes along side a bunch of CGI teaser trailers as Naughty Dogg was the only developer with the balls to show in game footage. (AWESOME job Naughty DOGG)

I didn't miss anything.

The best part of the show was when Michael Chiklas picked that girl up in the black mini-skirt and we got a crouch-shot.

VersusEM2922d ago

A little harsh but true, especially the INSANE game coming out in 2013. What a waste of time, I doubt if they don't update it enough, no one will even remember what it is by the next trailer, new SSX trailer completely fucks up the series, Resistance 3 barely showed any gameplay footage at all, Portal 2 trailer was eh. The rest of the trailers were awesome especially Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3:Drakes Deception.

ChineseDemocracy2922d ago

I thought the show was pretty straightforward.

- inSANE
- Uncharted 3
- Mass Effect 3
- Forza 4
- Elder Scrolls V
- Resistance 3
- Portal 2

Lame jokes, awards that can't be taken seriously, and advertisements galore.

You're better off just refreshing N4G every 5 minutes. Thankfully GT updated their site with the vids as soon as they were "revealed".

rjdofu2922d ago

Eh what're you talking about? There's plenty gameplay footage on R3 trailer.

kaveti66162922d ago

Versus, the Resistance 3 trailer showed way more footage than the Uncharted 3 trailer.

TheLastGuardian2921d ago

For those who said Resistance 3 didn't have much gameplay, where is the gameplay in the Uncharted 3 trailer?

That looks like gameplay at 1:49 the rest of it looks like cut scenes. The Resistance 3 trailer has alot of gameplay and cool live action spread throughout the trailer. I'm excited for both games.

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Spitfire_Riggz2922d ago

Resistance 3 had the balls to show some gameplay footage too, so awesome job Insomniac

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DarkFantasy2922d ago

horrible show not watching it again..Ever.I'm sticking with E3.

Shok2922d ago

Agreed. The only reason why I watched is because they said something bigger than Uncharted 3 would be announced but apparently that was just a lie to get more views.

E3 all the way. And like I said in another article, GDC and Pax are more interesting to me than the VGAs.

Urmomlol2922d ago

How the hell could we have missed any of the info that was in this article?

What a waste of time reading this.

Apocalypse Shadow2922d ago

nothing really.i thought i would have to watch it because of sony's announcements but still ended up missing it and eating at cocos.ended up watching the trailers on the net.

but if i were a joking man,id say the only thing i would have missed is:

a nintendo presence and a large 360 line up.

Red_Phoenix2922d ago

I wish I would of missed all this info and got my hour back. :)

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