Spike’s VGAs is an insult to videogame culture

The Spike TV VGAs, is it a celebration of gaming or is a mockery of videogame culture? It gets annoying having presenters that have no care what so ever for videogaming and all of this caricature acts that the VGAs bring. The VGAs isn't a celebration of gaming, it mockery of the videogame industry, which isn't surprising coming from a network such as Spike TV.

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NYC_Gamer2923d ago

that show is more about celebs with corny jokes and lame music


While this writer makes some valid points... Arent all award shows this way??? the show has come a lon way from naming King Kong a game of the year contender...

I thought the previews were the best part of the VGA's... Oblivion was THE BEST preview because it was SOOO SUPRISING! Mass effect 3 already??? EA is just pushing out a game every year instead of working on the franchise like Uncharted is. There was almost no WII news And the only 360 exclusive was Fortza and Limbo while sony had Resistance and uncharted as well as God of war being shown throughout the show... Plus Sony was pushing Grand turishmo and KILLZONE 2 hard with the commercials...There could be a shift in the American gamers away from microsoft and kinect and torwards Sony and their AAA games.

GameZenith2923d ago

No, not all awards shows is a mockery of it's industry. Most award shows is a celebration of that industry, not a caricature of that industry like what the VGAs does.

Redgehammer2923d ago

I agree, the show was a mockery.

Redgehammer2923d ago

LOL. I disagreed with you because IMO, The PS3 has 2 series that seem like they would be fun to play(UC and KZ), but that is not enough to ever make this American shift toward Sony.

Bigpappy2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

That Show sucks! Why not get the top editors for 3 of the leading site to combine and do a show based on the votes from all the editors in at those sites. I think the show would be much more interesting than having a bunch of holliwood hacks trying to be funny. It takes away from the whole idea of the gaming industry becoming legit on its own merit. I was trying to watch, but decide to read the results on N4G the next day. I am not a TV watching person in the first place. These so call celebs mean shyt to me. How come I can watch E3 for hours, but can watch the darn award show for more that 2 mins? I think its because VGA is more about having me look at these goofy guys faces, than it is about the games. Games seem like and after thought on the show. They just mention a name have the audience clap and move on.

Nodoze2923d ago

Why bother with the Hollywood stars? They are not part of the industry (aside from voice over work). Why not have the industry players that are PART of the industry host and present.

Olivia Munn's act is getting stale. Denise Richards proved she has only 4 brain cells (she cannot even be bothered to read the teleprompter properly). Neil Patrick Harris was ok, but I got tired of his gay agenda. Newsflash I don't car that you are gay Neil.

How about next year we see some studio talent. Presenters from Naughty Dog, Bungie, Bioware, Treyarch, Insomniac etc.

I don't care to see the hollywood types pretend to be interested in games.

All that said, it was WORLD's better than last years show. It actually looked professional. They just need to class it up a bit more.

Redgehammer2923d ago

was offensive, and it was not a show I could sit and watch with my 9 and 10 year old son's. I feel the VGA's are a denigration of the entire industry; and by encapsulatiing gamers as brain wasted stoners, who have nothing better to do than to masturbate to God of War porn, belittles us all. I had to turn it off and just come to N4G for the highlights. The video game industry is the largest entertainment industry in the the USA and it deserves an award show that does not make it a mockery .