Everything you need to know - Batman: Arkham City Trailer Breakdown/Rewind Break down on all the events in the SPIKE VGA 2010 Batman: Arkham City trailer.

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d0nT wOrrY2922d ago

WOW looks incredible, loved the 1st one..
2011 is going to be F#%&kin SICK.

AwakenTheTaco2922d ago

i know that this is not in game content but omg i cannot wait till the fall. gonna be there release night!

CobraKai2922d ago

Makes me wonder if they will use this kind of CGI for the game's cutscenes, or use enhanced in game FMV like the last game.

Arup022922d ago

I don't like batman, but maybe i'll give a try on this game. It sure looks cool.

acky12922d ago

I would...

I wasn't the biggest batman fan until I borrowed Arkham Asylum off of a mate. First game was brilliant and turned me into a batman fan too.