Forza Motorsport 4 Screen Shot Video

Forza 4 was unveiled at the VGA's with a live-action trailer, The teaser gives us an idea of what this anticipated game will include, hopefully, simulation driving in really high quality, fast & expensive cars aswell as Some of our favourite classics. As if the release of another fantastic Forza Motorsport game wasn't enough we've also got a live action teaser video and some screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

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BlmThug2896d ago

Forza 4 Will Be Beautiful

Cevapi882896d ago

this is very similar to the Forza kinect tech demo at E3

very detailed, i just want to know if we will see this in the final product

RememberThe3572896d ago

It looks like it's more of a mode. I doubt you'll see this level of detail when your on the track. Still, I look beautiful.

RememberThe3572896d ago

lol it looks*

I do look pretty good though :)

irepbtown2896d ago

Anyone else see 'Top Gear'
Bottom left corner right at the end.

Anything that includes Top Gear i'll love.

CombineElite2896d ago

I'm excited to see what Forza 4 can do. I was so unimpressed with GT5 as the game is obviously unfinished.

The premium cars are Very Nice but the background and some of the non-premium cars are total trash.

Bereaver2896d ago

Well, you can always pick at what you want to, but what GT5 set out to do, it did. Simulation.

If you want the full package, you might have to wait til GT6.

As for Forza, I really hope it gets rid of the racing calendar. I just didn't find it appealing....

Convas2896d ago

Real Killer, I'm not getting involved with you and the other fanboy's wranglings, but I just wanted you to know.

Real men can spell. :)

CombineElite2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

First off I'm a PC gamer but I play every popular game that comes out on any system by simply going next door to my neighbors and kicking his kids off their PS3 360 Move Kinect or Wii any time i want cause I fix his Pc's for free.(spoiled brats)

i was disappointed with GT5 and got like 10 disagrees in ten seconds from PS3 fanboys but the fact still stands..... GT5 is a fun experience but so are all the other GT games, the graphics on this one was to be the difference maker but with 2D backgrounds, tracks with no cones, cars ripped straight from the PS2 I think either GT5 is too big for the Ps3 or it was rushed out and not finished.

Now Forza will have to step their game up and I'm still excited to see if they meet the challenge.
Bottom line i rather play GTR2 ANYWAY. So leave all your fanboy comments to yourself.

Convas2896d ago

@Real Killer

It looks like you lack cognitive reasoning skills as well.

I had nothing to say about either Gran Turismo 5 or Forza Motorsport 4.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Kaneda2896d ago

Forza is for boys

GT is for people that love cars...

hoops2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Real Killer. Graphic wise, GT5 is better than Forza 3 overall. That's a no brainer. HOWEVER, GT5 is not the graphic monster as everyone thought it would be. 2D backgrounds, tress etc. and cars taken from last generation as well as tracks.
It's a mixed bag when it comes to graphics.
When the graphics are on, it's one of the best looking race sims ever made, however when its not (and there are plenty of points in the game where this applies) it looks terrible. That's the truth no matter how much you want to hide the fact.

And last point:

Forza4 is not even out and you are already saying GT5 looks better????????????????
Honestly dude. Stop nut hugging Sony. At least WAIT until Forza 4 is released...then you can preach how it looks so much better as we know you will. But to say GT5 looks better than a game NOT EVEN OUT IS SO LAUGHABLE it shows how much of a fanboy you really are....And based on your history of just proved the point fully

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OmarsAccount2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I dont care what anyone else says, but judging from the few glimpes of Forza 4 we've seen, it looks amazing

FinalSpartan2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

If this in-game just wow the detail is extraordinary. there is no normal cars and premuim cars in this game all get equal treatment.

8thnightvolley2896d ago

thats just it.. if it make it into forza its done well.. not half baked after 6 years..


I don't know about THIS game, and probably you don't too... But as for Forza 3, although there is no standard or premium, all cars have 3 models which vary in quality.

One is high quality for menu/showroom (the exactly kind of shot we have seen on VGA and in this screenshots) where you can have close ups and look at interior (rumored to be around 175k polys for the top ones)

There is another model for Replay which is mid range, nice exterior, not much detailed interior. (I have no idea on the size of files or poly counts for this models)

And the last model is the gameplay model, which is around 40k polys.

Now, I'm not saying Forza 3 gameplay cars look bad not even trying to imply anything by this, it's actually a wise design that won't waste resources of the hardware where they aren't needed, although you have to produce 3 of each car so it's also time consuming/car count limitating. What I'm pointing out here is that although this level of detail is indeed awesome, it won't necessarily look like this all around.

Not to start a war nor anything, but GT5 premium cars have around 500k polys on top models, not less than 300k on simpler premium cars, that means a lot more work to achieve around same level of detail with the upside this cars look like that in any point of the game, but as the same model is used everywhere they can't spend all polys on interior for some parts or only on exterior details in others, the hardware itself will have to handle this level of detail all around the game with everything else, hence the ugly off the track (which isn't any better on Forza or in racing games in general to be honest)... Also the fact it consumes so much time to make a model in this level of detail gave birth to the standard cars idea (well this idead actually isn't from GT5, as GT2 had used GT1back in PS1 era) as it would take way more time to develop all those cars on premium level along with getting the all new engine they have today for physics (the best GT ever for drivig), particles, lighting, sound (another great aspect of it, it has all mechanical sounds a car makes in real life, not just engine louder or quieter and a distance effect)... Actually I would hardly call this level of production and commitment 6 years of half baked product, but fanboys will be fanboys... The problem is, although premium cars all around the same quality, the game itself won't so consistent because of standard cars.

End of the day, both games won't pass without some instability in level of graphics. One will have some cars that don't look as good all the time, the other will have all the cars that don't look as good some of the time. Unless they are changing it for Forza 4 chances are it will "suffer" (if you consider this a problem) the same.

For all I care they could keep the Forza 3 models and work on more cars (3 of each as the system has worked well for them) and work on better lighting, reflections and particle effects, as well as physics, as those are the point Forza 3 really could had used some improving for Forza 4 and the ones I think GT5 had the edge a lot more than simply "da betta grafics" people keep saying.

Also, with more time they can add more to the customizing thing, after all it has been a key feature on Forza which its community actualy value a lot PLUS it's something they have an obvious edge over competion.

IHateYouFanboys2896d ago


GT5 has 2 different LOD car models of each premium too. every GT game has done this, starting right back with GT1 on the PS. youre absolutely kidding yourself if you think that the model you see in photo travel mode is the same model as the one you control when racing. anyone with eyes that work can see theyre different models.

also, i like how youre just making up numbers of how many polygons each car model has in forza lol. when Forza 3 was first announced they said the car models have 10x more polygons than Forza going by your guesses, that would mean Forza 2s cars were made up of 4000 polygons lol. thered be more polygons than that in a tree on the side of the track.

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norman292896d ago

*waits for the Forza 4 vs GT5 comparison* you just know its coming

Convas2896d ago

This IS N4G after all.

aviator1892896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

lol...just another day here at this highly active establishment.
it's just great to see so many people love their games.

Terarmzar2896d ago

The pictures are very detailed but in my opinion its not going to look anything like that in game.

Neko_Mega2896d ago

Maybe this one will be better then Forza 3, Forza 3 was way to easy to get into first place.

GT5 is getting harder the longer I play it, the things people cry about what's wrong with GT5 is lame.

_DragonSlayer_2896d ago

Pls don't have rewind.......

iamgoatman2896d ago

I can't see the rewind feature going anywhere, it can be pretty useful for casual gamers or people new to sims.

An option to turn it off would be fine, although you could just show a little self restraint and just not push the button, no one is forcing you to use it.

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