VGA 2010 Best Graphics: God of War 3

God of War 3 won the best graphics category.

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piroh2923d ago

this game is so beautiful

Domer252923d ago

Yeah no surprise here. The details in the gore was [email protected] magnificent.

Immortal3212923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )


red dead as a best ps3 game?

Spider0502923d ago

2007 = Crysis
2008 = Crysis Warhead
2009 = Mirror Edge( and
2010 = God of War 3

NecrumSlavery2923d ago

Is this opinion or what was actually picked, cause I am pretty sure MGS4 won best graphics in 2008 and Killzone 2 and mostly Uncharted 2 won 2009's(hell UC2 won everything, probably took home best sports game too. Some like 140+ awards)

MariaHelFutura2923d ago

Wow. I LOVE that you think Mirrors Edge was the best looking title of 2009.


Rainstorm812923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

You beat me to the punch necrum...... Uncharted 2 won damn near every category it was nominated a matter of fact i dont remember Mirrors edge winning anything.......ever

badz1492923d ago

Uncharted 2 annihilated EVERYTHING in 2009!

quarkist2923d ago

lol, you should better check previous VGA awards!!

Christopher2923d ago

I like that you're using PC version of the game to compare to console games.

waljaber2923d ago

2009 Uncharted 2 for sure.

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FinalSpartan2923d ago

awesome game!

"In the end there will be only chaos!" and VGA graphical awards. When is Xbox 360 match PS3 graphical power :P

cyberwaffles2922d ago

this was a easy choice. the first 10 minutes of the game would blow anyone away.

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quarkist2923d ago

2008 -> MGS4
2009-> Uncharted 2
2010-> GoW3

That's amazing for PS3 to keep best graphics award for last three years.

MaximusPrime2923d ago

Next year will be tricky.

GT5 or Uncharted 3 :P

MariaHelFutura2923d ago

TLG,KZ3, GT5, UC3. 2011s good.

MaximusPrime2923d ago

@Maria: a hell a lot of great ps3 games

ico922923d ago

"Next year will be tricky.

GT5 or Uncharted 3 :P"

your forgetting Killzone 3, The Last Guardian and have you seen the Gameplay trailer for Resistance 3 ? holy shit it looks better than Killzone 3 .

R6ex2923d ago

I've gutta get myself a PS3!

Masterchef20072923d ago

What are you waiting for? Hop 2 it soldier and pick up your console thats an order

Masterchef20072923d ago

And still people bash the graphics capabilitys of the console. I just find that kind of sad.

IHateYouFanboys2922d ago

you guys do realise that the VGA winners are chosen based on online polling, dont you? its just a 'who has the most fanboys?' contest, and that crown goes to Sony.

the VGAs mean nothing, theyre just a popularity contest. this was clearly evident last year when Uncharted 2 won game of the year, but failed to win its category, losing out to Assassins Creed. the fanboys just flocked to the 'game of the year' voting and spammed it, forgetting that it was up for the genre award too - or not caring because that doesnt look as cool saying 'it won best action/adventure game at the VGAs'. how does a game get best game of the year but get beaten by another game in the smaller category? it makes no sense.

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Neckbear2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Kirby's Epic Yarn should've won instead.

Ah well, it's the VGAs.

Chromer2923d ago

Yeah if there were an award for Best Art Direction, Kirby would have won but compared to other games that came out this year, I've seen much better.

Neckbear2923d ago

You're forgetting about the fact that Kirby's graphics not only flow naturally, but look incredibly appealing.

It isn't "OMG250000000 POLYGONZ!", but it still looks incredibly good.

Hell, it looks better than anything else that came out this year. Graphical quality that is obtained through art direction and cleverness far surpasses technically impressive games wasting 60 million dollars in the goddamn engine. Well, in my opinion, at least.

Also, inb4: "Buut itz not HD lololol" or something of the likes.

Rainstorm812923d ago

@ neck bear

Exactly what chromer said Best Art Direction...... It will be extremely difficult for anything to win best Graphics thats isnt on PS3 or........PC (threw up in my mouth a lil bit for saying it)

rjdofu2923d ago

If there was any graphic prize for Kirby's Epic Yarn, it would be a Creative Graphic Award.

But in term of best graphic, GOW3 totally deserves it.

I_C_PEE2923d ago

Imagine just for a second God Of War 4 built on an enhanced version of this game's engine.

D4RkNIKON2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Very similar to what Uncharted 3 is doing with the UC2 engine, or Killzone 3 is doing with the KZ2 engine