BioWare debunks CVG's rumor: "Sorry, but that is just untrue."

In response to CVG's "news" report of "chunk of Mass Effect team quits BioWare," Chris Priestly from BioWare has posted a message in the official Mass Effect forum. Here is his whole response (with the original typos):

Sorry, but that is just untrue. I like how CVG listens to "tipsters" and reposrts things as possible fact. [roll eyes]

As with all companies, we do lose people here from time to time (some of you may remember Bob McCabe recently left for example). And we do usually lose more after a project than at any otehr time. Why? Well, we have some pretty dedicated people here. Even though they have other real world issues (family concerns, returning to school, other employment opportunities, etc) they put them on hold till they finish the current game. Once their part is done, then they move on.

It happens. It's not a bigthing and is pretty industry standard. I do laugh at the "20+" people mentioned in the quote though.

[End of Chris' message]


A moderator for the official BioWare forums posted his response to CVG's reporting after Chris. Follow the link to read his (and Chris') comments.

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ktchong4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

...and there goes the only remotely "positive" news for Sony/PS3 this week.

Have to wonder... I wonder who CVG's... ""tipsters" were.

tplarkin74028d ago

Teh Sony has lured Bioware employees and merged them with teh Factor 5 for Lair 2!!! (Joking, of course)

i Shank u4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

that pic of Bioware's games is sic. MDK is classic

toughNAME4028d ago

I like how CVG listens to "tipsters"

i swear to god he stole that from me...word for word

Bnet3434028d ago

Bioware owns, Star Wars KOTOR is my top Western RPG, can't wait for Mass Effect

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The story is too old to be commented.