Official Website Launched for Guillermo Del Toro’s inSANE; Formats Confirmed

Following the announcement of the long-teased joint project between THQ, Volition and Guillermo Del Toro, an official website has been launched. The website is little more than a teaser presentation at present, though plays host to the official trailer for those who missed it.

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Sneak-Out2921d ago

This Game will be awesome

Neckbear2921d ago

It's fucking Guillermo del Toro making a videogame.

...However, they should've announced it next year or 2012, IMHO. It's just cruel to make us wait three fucking years for this.

sdtarm2921d ago


kancerkid2921d ago

Does anyone else think this will be a release title for the Next-Gen consoles (2013...)?

Also, the needle by the eye freaks me out.

DigitalAnalog2921d ago

This guy is an actual video game fan. I remember him saying Shadow of The Colossus and Silent Hill are some of his inspirations behind his films.

-End of Line

PrimordialSoupBase2921d ago

The Volition part of this relationship excites me more than the Del Toro part.

blumatt2921d ago

Yeah, it'll probably be very good since Guillermo is making it, but I still can't help but be surprised that it's actually coming out on current gen consoles. This is truly a testament to how long this generation is going to last. It's good for us so we don't have to buy new consoles. However, I'd still kill for a PS4. haha And 360 owners are really gonna be itching for a new Xbox when they see all the PS3 exclusives coming out this next year. I'd list them but you can only fit so many words in this comment box. lol j/k

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Bounkass2921d ago

inFAMOUS. inSANE. Hmm....

Neckbear2921d ago

One's an horror game made by a mastermind.

The other's a superhero game made by a group of good developers.



GenericUserName2921d ago

This just in, nobody is allowed to use smaller case and upper case in a game title because a SONY exclusive has done it.

earbus2921d ago

I agree some of the characters he comes up with are insane in hell boy 2 the imagination was great interested in inception to only thing that sucked in that movie was decaprio man he is so crap.

Myze2921d ago

Maybe it's just the way you worded it, but Inception wasn't directed by Del Toro. Sorry if that's not what you were saying.

Oh, and Dicaprio is one of the best actors in Hollywood right now, and was great in Inception (while Shutter Island wasn't as good as Inception, he was even better in that earlier this year). Of course, that's just an opinion.

RankFTW2921d ago

Decaprio is an amazing actor, Inception and Shutter Island are two of the best movies to come out in a long long time.

mobijoker2921d ago

THQ is definitely raising their game.Homefront,inSane,Saint 9;s row 3...great.

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