VGA 2010 Reveals: The Hot, the Not, and What We Thought

GameDynamo - "Spike TV’s 2010 Video Game Awards are done and dusted. In case you’ve missed them or just want some recap, we’ve decided to highlight the most important moments as well as give you our impressions of the event."

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Matthew942928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

the not for me was elder scrolls 5, i was hoping for the whole of tamriel like ES II.

maybe that was too much to hope for, its was like 70,000 square miles

Trizard2928d ago

Elder Scrolls II (DaggerFall) doesn't encompass all of Tamriel. In fact in only includes two provinces, Hammerfall and High Rock.

NecrumSlavery2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

My NOT went to Thor for being the worst piece of crap trailer at the VGAs.

Also why didn't the 360 or Kinect show one good trailer? I mean they put out a 20sec Forza4 teaser, but come on!, that's like for the 1-2 million who play racers on the 360. They are pushing Kinect, this is an American awards show, where the hell are the hardcore games?!!!

Most of it I was expecting. Anymore,, if there is a rumor, it's usually true for the most part. The actual 15secs of gameplay in action for the UC3 trailer made me crap myself. The Water and Fire in the trailer crush every other game that uses that element, and the Visuals are almost doubled on polish than UC2.

This is a mixed thought, but I loved ES1-3, but Oblivion I though was way too repetative, and many of the quest weren't as thrilling or plot twisted. So i started to really like Fallout more. I am hoping this one has a larger variety of quests(My fav from IV was the Painter trappied in the painting quest...that was almost as amazing as the Tranquility Lane quest in FO3...I want quests with originality like that.) Also I hope that it doesnt used that shitty Gamebryo Engine or at least fix it please....!

norman292928d ago

Character of the Year:
Ezio, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood *Winner*
Kratos, God of War III
Srgt. Frank Woods, Call of Duty: Black Ops
John Marston, Red Dead Redemption

Wrong, it went to Woods sadly

Trizard2928d ago

I don't know how Woods could have won because he had no character and overall Black Ops was a disappointment.

Active Reload2928d ago

In no particular order, my favorite moments...that I can remember: Resistance 3 gameplay, ME3 trailer, Elder Scrolls, Prototype 2.

My least favorite moments: The guys dancing at the beginning, most of the celeb presenters and UC3 announcement. Don't get me wrong, UC3 news is great, but shouldn't they have shown WAY more gameplay? If UC3 was the reason for MS skipping out with the Gears surprise, then MS should smack itself and consider itself punk'd. I say this because Gears could've crushed the VGAs if that was all that Naughty Dog was going to show of UC3. After Gears was cancelled to not show, UC3 was my personal reason to sit through the whole taping. What made it even worse was UC3's stuff was the last announcement for the show wasn't it? They really missed a good oppurtunity...both Naughty Dog and MS, lol. Oh well, Resistance 3 gameplay put a smile on my face, it looked good.

beavis4play2928d ago

Active Reload - i disagree entirely with your view on UC3. it's the opening reveal for a huge game that isn't due for another 11 months..........why would they show a lot of gameplay now? i thought the opening teaser really set the tone as far as what the atmosphere of the game will be.

and just curious - if your disappointed in UC3 for it's lack of gameplay - what do you feel towards gears3? - it didn't even make it for it's scheduled showing at the VGA.

Active Reload2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"it's the opening reveal for a huge game that isn't due for another 11 months..........why would they show a lot of gameplay now?"

Gears of War has that same amount of time also...

"and just curious - if your disappointed in UC3 for it's lack of gameplay - what do you feel towards gears3? - it didn't even make it for it's scheduled showing at the VGA. "

Here is a whole bunch of Gears 3 game play...

Gears 3 is still my most anticipated game of 2011 in every conceivable way possible.

And look at the first comment of this article I just posted the link to, and the ones that follow. Why would MS be afraid of UC3 if that was all that was going to be shown of UC3?

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FinalSpartan2928d ago

Uncharted 3 - Trailer prepares for a epic journey i can't wait.

Mass Effect 3 - Epic

Elders Scroll 5 - EPIC

Batman Arkham City - Epic

Mortal Kombat Kratos - Epic

Resistance 3 - Meh

Forza 4 - Death Of GT Francise.

Rainstorm812928d ago

Death of GT ?? are u serious?

FinalSpartan2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

ok thats a exaggeration and fanboy statement, atleast death of GT5, Surely. GT6 will learn from these mistakes and from learn from forza series

and dont do dumb stuff like normal and premuim cars, ported cars from PS2 and tracks, New physics and damage, heck take some ideas from Forza

the unfathomable customization.

Forza 4 graphics look supreb GT6 we will have to wait for.

Terarmzar2928d ago

Death of Gran Turismo?
You do know that the next forza will have even more flaws then 3 from seeing in the trailer last night there TRYING doing everything like GT5
Wonder how many disc that will be

WeaseL2928d ago

Forza 4 - Death Of GT Francise???????????

So Forza 4 is going to be released on the PS3?

MaximusPrime2928d ago

There are a lot more fanbase for Gran Turismo than Forza, your point?

jony_dols2928d ago

'Trailer prepares for a epic journey i can't wait'

Pity you won't be able to play it considering your a 360 fanboy and do not even own a PS3.

etownone2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Resistance 3 only meh?
I only own a 360 and even I thought it looked hott.

But I do agree about Forza.
GT5 didn't live up to the hype judging by the average metacritic score and sales when compared to other GT games. I honestly thought GT5 would do Halo numbers the way Sonyfans preached about that game.

I could see F4 being the first game to use both controller and Kinect. Controller to race, and Kinect to customize.

FinalSpartan2928d ago

nah you can add my psn id lol if you want pm me ill give it to you. ( sorry if i delete you after because i don't know you )

Just because i was hugely dissapointed in a game that was sooo looking forward too. I own both systems and i play exclusives on PS3 and Xbox 360 some exclusive multiplatform. I like PS3 as much you probably do.

Oh btw Uncharted 2 Platnuim trophy done long time ago.
looking forward to Forza 4 because its actually a awesome sim mind you. The customization is immense make your own car. Somthing GT5 is still dreaming off..

BTW Uncharted 2 was one of the best games i played this generation.

oldjadedgamer2928d ago

Regardless of whether or not GT5 was up to your standards, claiming Forza 4 will be the death of GT is ignorant to the point of retarded or trolling.

Take your pick.

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showtimefolks2928d ago

uncharted 3 awsome no doubt
resistance 3 for some gameplay in the video looked sick would love to see more

Forza 4 for fall 2011 is MS really that crazy to launch forza 4 with 8 AAA games already confirmed for fall 2011.

ES5 didn't see much i am more of fallout3/ME fan last ES to me was boroing(personal tase)

prototype/insane(A MAJOR MEH 2012 AND 2012 LOL)

bad jokes all over that's what she said joke was funny lol but overall vga was a little better than last year

MS took the day off like they did at E3 again

Christopher2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Very disappointed in general and wasn't at all surprised by any of the reveals. Sony should have held the heck off on the Uncharted 3 reveal, it would have been massive.

The BioWare reveal was basic and honestly a waste of timing, IMHO. I was really hoping it would be a new IP rather than the expected, because we knew the expected was coming.

Prototype 2 was just, bleh. It looked the same as the first game and somehow I'm supposed to feel attached to the very lackluster story from the first game?

The Bethesda reveal was lackluster due to it being an announcement trailer rather than even in-game related CGI or gameplay at all.

Insane was another announcement trailer. Meh.

Forza Motorsport 4 was a huge slap in the face of GT5, but it looked like it was rushed out as a live-action trailer just to show that it doesn't take as long to rush out a Forza game as it does for a GT game.

Deadliest Warrior and Thor? Who really gives a frak?

Just really a disappointing night combined with the majority of people clearly reading off teleprompters and not having much care about what they were presenting.

Edit: And who the heck wrote the jokes? Damn if every single one of those porn names for video games weren't ancient as heck and just not funny by today's standards. I got the Jewel song reference to her singing at the Oscars, but that just wasn't done well enough to really hit it home.

beavis4play2928d ago

honestly - it sounds like you might as well quit gaming..........just WHAT would make you happy?

the UC3; ME3; and resistance3 trailers left me anxious for next year. (and i loved how kratos showed up in the MK trailer)

i do agree on the elderscrolls video.......not even 10 seconds of gameplay? they shouldn't have even made it.

oldjadedgamer2928d ago

It was a complete waste of time. A surprise UC3 would have blown me away, not that the trailer wasn't amazing.

Every trailer was up in minutes, so you would have to waste time suffering from terrible jokes and fake ass olivia munn (traitor)

The only time I chuckled were at the NBA Elite R.I.P. and then the angry birds skit was alright.

The VGAs are a joke

Christopher2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

***just WHAT would make you happy? ***

You do know that every single reveal that was made that... were already known games or were shown in such a manner that it's kind of hard to get excited about a reveal trailer that reveals absolutely nothing other than the title of the game. Every single one of them. I'm very happy that the games are coming, but I'm not happy that there wasn't any surprise to it.

We were told there would be surprises, I wasn't at all surprised. Having to sit through some of the worst jokes and presentations just made it even worse.

This has nothing to do about being a gamer, it's about wanting something that will surprise me when someone says there will be such a thing; or being worth the time I spent sitting there to see the videos shown. It just wasn't worth it, IMHO, and I would have been just as surprised if Sony had published the extended trailer on their own site.

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Stealth20k2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Best announcements were

uncharted 3 and elder scrolls 5

everything else was yawn

Its why E3 and the tokyo gameshow are so much better

@ below

you think that vga is actually an award show with all the product placements? LOL, its completely corrupted by corporate sponsers. I think you went full retard. It has more credibility for just announcements which is what they promote and anyone cares about.

Neckbear2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Comparing two conferences that base themselves on announcements and the game industry as a whole, against the MTV movie awards for videogames?

You went full retard, bro.


That's why I said "The MTV movie awards for videogames". They both have something in common: They aren't for movies and videogames, give horrible awards, you get the idea.

Why do I have to explain this? I thought I was clear enough.

GenericUserName2928d ago

Uncharted 3 announcement came before already. Best announcements were ME3, elder scrolls 5, and forza 3. Best trailers were uncharted 3 and kratos reveal in mortal kombat

Rainstorm812928d ago

Hot : Uncharted 3 (no shyt!)

Not : Every game that wasnt a PS3 exclusive didnt show gameplay footage.

Honorable Mentions : Mass Effect 3, Resistance 3 & Arkham City

That was personally my biggest letdown from the game reveals, i wanted to see gameplay from more games. I guess that'll have to wait for a real gaming conference

beavis4play2928d ago

isn't if funny that MS was being critical towards sony a few years ago for not having trailers that showed "real" gameplay.

i didn't think the batman trailer was that great.

Neckbear2928d ago

The VGAs were:

70% Lame Jokes and Celebrities, 20% Advertising (HURR BURGAR KING), 5% Videogames, 5% stupid awards.

...And the Videogames part wasn't worth it that much. I regret watching it, to be honest.

AKissFromDaddy2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I regret it as much , if not more, than you do.

However, I was contemplating, if I were in charge of the VGAs, that I'd have Kevin Butler, Major Nelson and 8 indie teams or representatives co-host together, but every 15 minutes, they next indie development team/rep replaces the other team/rep on stage.

trounbyfire2928d ago

best driving game and all of them have one thing in common they have weapons and explosions.

disappointing the media bashes the racing sim but praise mediocre blur and spit second

I_C_PEE2928d ago

Lol, have you guys forgotten Mass Effect 3. Don't get me wrong, Uncharted 3 blew the weaves off VGA but the announcements of Mass Effect 3, Resistence 3 and Elder Scrolls 5 was just as big.
The fact that all these games are coming to PS3 means its going to be a damn good year 2011.

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