No Stranglehold demo for EU

European PS3 owners will have to settle for the new MotorStorm downloadable content on PSN this week as Midway still hasn't confirmed when the Stranglehold demo will be released here.

The Coyote Revent VIP Pass pack will cost GBP 3.99 / EUR 5.80. It includes the new reversed and revamped version of the Coyote track plus two new vehicles and the Eliminator online mode.

There's also a spattering of new trailers you might want to look at, like GT5 Prologue, Lair, and Heavenly Sword - but you can find most of those over on Eurogamer TV already.

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xaphanze3967d ago

I live in the middle east. I get the European store right?

ISay3967d ago

this is not a diss but we ps3 owners have very little to do considering the lack of games. I'm suprised people don't no how make accounts in other countries its the only thing that keeps me on the weekends, we need to tell people about this feature so that this isn't news

gta_cb3967d ago

yeh i agree, although i still dont like the fact that people from Europe are left out when they can download the demos no problem by making another account. they should just release demos for all countries. its the same with MS and the Xbox 360. the game Armored Core 4 game is out in the UK, but we still cant download the demo to try it out.

vaan3967d ago

You're not missing much, it's crap.

monkey6023967d ago

People are still going to want to try it for themselves nobody's opinion matters as much as your own remember.

xaphanze3967d ago

The problem is the internet connection in Lebanon. We recently got ADSL but its still limited so it wouldnt be any use installing it to play online and check out the store.

AngryHippo3967d ago surprise there then....i'm downloading it from my US account as we speak. Us Europeans do get screwed on the Store content, hopefully it will all changed when Home comes out and again us Europeans get decent and constantly updated content.

gta_cb3967d ago

i agree, im also hoping Sony doesn't do what MS did with the Spring update (i am now unable to download things from my American account outside of the UK)

sa_nick3967d ago

One of the first things I did when I got my PS3 was make up a US and Japanese account. I live in Australia so it comes in pretty handy. Takes so long to download anything from the US servers though.

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