Nintendo's Dilemma: Time for the Wii 2?

Digital Spy investigated the prospects of the Wii 2 being unleashed, including whether it may be too little, too late for Nintendo.

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Cevapi882926d ago

how about wait until the holidays...if the wii continues its success as a consistent seller, then the argument is moot since the console hasnt shown signs of weakness

Dramscus2926d ago

It's selling more than the other two consoles still why should the announce a new one.
Also peter dille said their going to wait until it hits 40 million sales.

BubloZX2925d ago

They sold almost 80 million already bro...... Ps3 and 360 are in the 40 million margin.

Mr Tretton2925d ago

Peter Dille is a PS guy. What does it matter what he says about the Wii?

Bublo, he's probably talking about US numbers

kaveti66162925d ago

Nintendo said they would only consider releasing their next console once the Wii has sold 30 million in NA.

Dramscus2923d ago

Ahh I said the wrong guys name I apologize. Whoever the nintedo of america guy is. Also yeah thats for us numbers.

Reggie fills aime says
"As we sit here today we’re saying the Wii has many, many more units to sell. After we’ve reached an installed base of 45 million here in the U.S., we can have a conversation about the next generation."

Also I was apparently wrong on 40 it's 45.

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DarkFantasy2925d ago

not yet but with in 2-3 years,but next console nintendo needs to bring more hard core games with HD.motion and normal controlers and free online to match PSN and XBL.

Mr Tretton2925d ago

I do think the next Wii is 2012. I think they'll launch first, and both MS and Sony will launch in the same year of 2013.

R2D22925d ago

2013? some one did not get the memo from the Mayan

Dam its really hot down here.

Theyellowflash302925d ago

I would like Wii 2 next year if possible. Nintendo could make a killin on HD ports of Wii games. Hopefully by Wii 2 Nintendo will have achievement system so you can Upgrade the Wii games to HD and add achievements like what the PS3 is doing.

HOSe2925d ago

agreed they need it november 2011

Vesemir2925d ago

Time to go back to handhelds ???

eagle212925d ago


Nintendo runs the market worldwide both consoles and handhelds. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.