Mortal Kombat gets an April 2011 release, 3D support

On top of the trailer reveal with Kratos, Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios announced the release month and support for stereoscopic 3d on the PS3 for Mortal Kombat.

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scar202896d ago

Yes kan't wait till i start whooping a** with kratos and johnny cage and i think i'm gonna have to get a 3d tv just for KZ3 and MK.God so many good games so little time.Am i right?

Mmmmmmooooooorrrrrrtttttttaaa aaaallllll kkkkkoooommmmbbbaaattttt

N4GAddict2896d ago

2011 makes my wallet cry

Sub-Zero852896d ago

Sub-Zero & Raiden deadly duo !!!!

N4GAddict2896d ago

Who should be in 360 version?

scar202896d ago

Wouldn't the main character in too human be a good exclusive to 360 he kinda looks like kratos but with a sword and other differences.

Esena2896d ago

Sam Fisher would be neat. He is a hand to hand combat 360 guy :)

BigDollarZoe9542896d ago

i wonder who will be in the 360 version master chief lol you lose this time 360 your wallets wont win you this one

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The story is too old to be commented.