A Look at Arkham City's New Villain - Hugo Strange

Realm of Gaming states, "Hugo Strange appears to be the next villain in Batman: Arkham City. Hugo Strange first appeared in Detective Comics #36 (February 1940). Hugo Strange was a scientist using a stolen "concentrated lightning" machine to generate a dense fog."

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scar202923d ago

I've never heard of him and i've watched every batman cartoon and movie.But my bro on the other hand he knows him very well he's how you say a big dc fan.

CobraKai2922d ago

He was in the 90s Batman the Animated Series. He prolly didn't register on your radar then.

lashes2ashes2922d ago

it is rumored the new batman film dark night rising will feature hugo strange. i believe tom hardy is supposed to be up for the role.

smax3172922d ago

So this 'article' is just a copy and paste of a paragraph from wikipedia?

CobraKai2922d ago

Seriously. People don't waste your time!! It's just a paragraph from Wikipedia and the VGA trailer.

venomcarnage892922d ago

"New" villain?

We've, at least I've, known about him being in Arkham City for months now... this is nothing new by any means.

wwm0nkey2922d ago

Isnt exactly a new villain by any means.

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