Batman: Arkham City - Amazing HD Screen Captures

Feel as if the Batman: Arkham City trailer thrown too much awesome at you at once? Well sit back and check out some captured stills, featuring the beautiful, but deadly, Arkham City.

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jack_burt0n2924d ago

Wait wut hd captures of a cg trailer.......

blusoops2924d ago

I loved the first, and this trailer was freakin epic, but c' was ALL CGI. There's no way the game will look that good, especially on the unreal engine. That was the only disappointing thing about this for me.

xTruthx2924d ago

lol my thoughts exactly

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St02924d ago

Hopefully this is how the next Xbox and Playstation 4 games will look like

southernbanana2924d ago

Can't wait for this to be released. Now the only question is which version to buy.......

DigitalAnalog2924d ago

Batman: AA is one of the few that actually have almost no dicernable difference between console platforms. Surprisingly, this was done an UE3, which is notorious of lowering the parity on PS3's version of the multiplats.

Going with this, I have no doubt they would deliver even more on this game.

-End of Line

southernbanana2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

You are correct. Guess when it is released I will just pick it up for the console I prefer most. :-)

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