Deja Vu: Looks Like 2011 Will be Another Uncharted Year - GOTY Written all Over it

TQcast writes: Did you see the Uncharted 3 trailer? Well if you haven’t, look below. Uncharted 3 simply looked amazing! This looked very familiar to 2008, when the new Uncharted 2 trailer premiered on the VGAs. Just as Uncharted 2 became arguably the best game in existence and 2009 Game of the Year, Uncharted 3 is on its similar path and nothing can stop it. Or can it?

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units2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

forza 4
killzone 2
mass effect 3
infamous 2
elder scroll
gears 3
crysis 2
little big planet 2
last guardian

Lionhead2357d ago

True, we still don't know if all these games are set in stone though for 2011.

After the Little Big Planet 2 delay I will remain skeptical =\


the last guardian and uncharted 3

SMOK3xFFx2357d ago

I still have that tingly about RAGE setting a new bar in gaming.

rjdofu2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Why do people put TLG in every fucking list even though there's yet any gameplay footage?

Edit: oops, there is, but it's still a bit overhyped IMO.

perfectCarbonara2357d ago

What are you talking about there's plenty TLG gameplay footage.

-X-2357d ago

Crazy amount of games coming out next year, but if I REALLY had to cut down the list to would be...

The Elder Scrolls V
The Last Guardian
LittleBigPlanet 2
Uncharted 3
Portal 2

I choose REALLY hard....but I have a feeling that Elder Scrolls might get pushed back. So If it does get pushed back replace it with.......................... ............................... .....ummm.......*tries to pick really hard*..............Batman: Arkham City.

Also is a Assassins Creed game coming out in 2011?? because im pretty sure there is.

gaffyh2356d ago

@1.1.3 - If you've played SOTC and ICO, you'd know why. Those games were pretty much the best games last generation and make it into most gamers' top 10 lists, so it isn't hard to see why everyone thinks TLG will be just as good.

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NecrumSlavery2357d ago ShowReplies(1)
Desz2357d ago

Although you have a great point and great list, the same thing was said about it in 2008 and no other game could deliver what Uncharted 2 did.

-Alpha2357d ago

While it wiped many awards, Arkham Asylum & Demon's Souls were also favorites by many.

UC3 has way too much competition, 2011 is heavily populated and there is no way UC3 will win so easily this time with games like LBP2, Elder Scrolls, TLG, etc.

It's got as good as a chance as those titles

spektical2357d ago

uncharted 3 can walk away with just as many awards as in 09, if the same quality with even more additions and huge upgrades.. then u3 should be the clear cut winner, no question.

-Alpha2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Of course it can walk away with just as many awards, no one is stopping them from doing that, but that doesn't stop the fact that there is heavy competition.

2011 will have GOTY going left and right to numerous games, there really wont be any clear cut winner when numerous other games will do something different for audiences.

I'm willing to bet TLG will have a better story and be a better SP game as a result for me, and I know that there are so many other games that will have great gameplay. Demon's Souls IMO had much more rewarding and fun gameplay than UC2 did.

UC isn't a clear cut winner for 2011 just because 2009 was. It most definitely will win GOTY-- but that doesn't mean much when so many other games are likely to be just as great.

My money is on The Last Guardian and LittleBigPlanet 2.

dredgewalker2357d ago

As much as I love the Uncharted series, I have to agree with Alpha that it's gonna face tough competition next year.....which means that there are tons of great games for us to play next year. That is in no way negative and it makes me thrilled what I get to play next year. If these games can give Uncharted 3 a run for its money then it's gonna be a great year for us gamers and really bad for our wallets!

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phatak2357d ago

2011 is pretty scary actually. just look at this list
1. kz3
2. lbp 2
3.dead space 2
4. portal 2
5. gears of war 3
6. the last guardian
7. forza 4
8. resistance 3
9. legend of zelda
10. infamous 2
11. uncharted 3
12. rage
13. crysis 2
14. mass effect 3
15. elder scrolls 5
16. socom 4
17. twisted metal
18. ssx
19. la noire
20. mortal combat
21. marvel vs capcom 3
22. batman arkham city
23. ratchet and clank all 4 one

SMOK3xFFx2357d ago

23 nominations next year? Sounds good.

jack_burt0n2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

1. kz3
2. lbp 2
3.dead space 2
4. portal 2
6. the last guardian
8. resistance 3
10. infamous 2
11. uncharted 3
12. rage
13. crysis 2
14. mass effect 3
15. elder scrolls 5
16. socom 4
17. twisted metal
18. ssx
19. la noire
20. mortal combat
21. marvel vs capcom 3
22. batman arkham city
23. ratchet and clank all 4 one

no thats pretty scary thats on one console.

nice list!!

frankymv2357d ago

Uh.....not all these games are GOTY worthy.

arjman2357d ago

Damn my wallets going to get raped next year

Shackdaddy8362357d ago

@jack burton

I really cant see 18,19,20,21,and 23 to be GOTY worthy.

Maybe 19 but I haven't seen enough to make a decision. Everything else seems like good competition to me.

Legacy_Killa2357d ago

No offence man but if u have ratchet and clank all 4 one on that list i know you just talking out your ass now lolz Only 10 of those games got a shot at GOTY!!

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TheLastGuardian2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I want Uncharted 3 as much as everybody else but theres so many games coming out in 2011. It's going to have some competition.

Everything I want in 2011:

Twisted Metal
The Last Guardian
Team ICO Collection
LittleBigPlanet 2
Uncharted 3
Killzone 3
Resistance 3
MotorStorm Apocalypse
L.A. Noire
Dead Space 2
Metal Gear Solid: Rising
SSX Deadly Decents
Crysis 2
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Mortal Kombat
Socom 4
Playstation Move Heroes
PS Phone

Bass_fisherman2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Duke Nukem Forever deserves a mention >:(

RockmanII72357d ago

Mass Effect 3 is filler?

ReservoirDog3162357d ago

Jeez that's an expensive list...

Blitzed2357d ago

Come on, one more list!

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )


Imagine that in 3D, which is confirmed by the way.

Nuff said

ubiquitious2357d ago

fix the screen tearing and we'll see

fantasygamer2357d ago

There was no screen tearing in Uncharted 2 so that just proves you haven't played it.

justinb12357d ago

No screen tearing in UC2 due to V-SYNC. A sizable amount of screen tearing in UC1 though, not too bad but still noticable. Didn't stop it from being the best looking game of that year though.

Finalfantasykid2357d ago

Screen tearing was non existent in UC2. I think they even used triple buffering O_o.

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Der_Kommandant2357d ago

They did it again

Dont know how...

Shackdaddy8362357d ago

Not tryin to start nothing but they showed you a 2 minute trailer that barely showed anything except how good the graphics look. You cant make a decision off of any game like that no matter how good it looks.

femshep2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

uncharted, elder scrolls,mass effect and last guardian will battle it out
...........needs to be a tie!

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